Betrayal to Fury (again)

I love freedom in my MMOs. Freedom to do what I want with my characters. While it’s not exactly a perfect system, the ability to betray between your counterpart class in EQ2 is something that I really enjoy doing. I also like the fact that I can do it without having to pay cash for it. In a perfect game I’d extend that quest so that you could betray from one completely different class to another without being restricted by your counterpart, but hey we can’t all get what we want.

Back when EoF was the expansion just coming out, I was playing a fury in a guild called Torrent Knights. I loved the fury, a whole lot. Mid way through I decided to betray to a warden for the good of the guild, and then shortly after that I stopped playing the druid all together and moved on to my illusionist being my raid character. After that, it seemed like everyone and their dog played a druid and so I decided to move on all together, and while my druid has always been what I consider my ‘favorite’ character it was also my least played. I know that ideally I would just play whatever I want to play and not give a second thought to how many other people are playing that class (especially since I play the character very well) but in order to have ‘fun’ in end game groups I want to be playing something that doesn’t have to spend hours upon hours LFG because there are already too many of them out there. Hence the alts.

Now that time has gone on I’ve been getting back to my roots so to speak. I love my druid, and it seems like I spend hours LFG no matter who I’m on so I may as well play what I love. I spent most of Wednesday evening betraying her back from warden to fury, and then spent all my money purchasing diamonds to get expert spells created, and headed to the docks of Nektulos forest to pick up my new mythical. Thankfully since I had completed the level 90 version there’s no need to do the complete quest over again, you just go talk to the shady merchant and they’ll sell you the mythical + spells. The only thing they don’t sell you is the house item, which I was sad to see because I’d certainly pay to add that to my collection.

Pictured above is the ‘new’ fury with her mythical brandished, looking all fierce – except for the fact that Snowflake decided she wanted in on the screen shot and it is hard to look menacing with that cute ball of fluff just over Arysh’ shoulder.

Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

5 Responses to Betrayal to Fury (again)

  1. Niall says:

    If you play on Nagafen (PvP), when you betray you may choose to keep your original class. There are Shadowknights in Qeynos, and Templars in Freeport.

  2. Dril says:

    …Or I would have, but SOE doesn’t like my money. Oh well.

  3. Dril says:

    That image made me resub to EQ2. I was trying to slog my way to another 80 in WoW, but I thought: hang it all, I’ll give EQ2 one more go with this improved leveling stuff.

  4. They need to make a special dialog for people who are repeat betrayal customers. “You again? What did you do to get kicked out of the city this time?” :)

  5. Rob says:

    Wow … thats a very cool looking Mythical! Fury was my first real EQ2 character. I played almost to 30 before quitting. To this day he is my highest level EQ2 character.

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