Winners of the Prowler Mount!

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest for a key to your very own prowler mount! There were over 30 entries, and I can only pick five winners, though I wish I could have given everyone one! If you’re listed as a winner be sure to check your email for your code, and if you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected] Happy gaming!

The winners and their mount names are as follows:


  • I’d name mine Koshka.
  • I typically come up with something descriptive of my character or pets and then translate it into another language so it doesn’t sound lame. Calling it Cat would be pretty boring. Calling it Koshka (Russian for cat) just sounds better. (I’ve used Koshka for characters and pets in several games including CoH and WoW, so I’m pretty fond of it).


  • I’d call mine evie as that’s the name if my daughters cat ;-)


  • Hyperion.
  • I would name it this for a couple reasons. First, its an epic name. Second, my main (on Unrest) is named Cassini, after the Italian astronomer who discovered several things related to Saturn, and Hyperion is one of the moons of Saturn. I try to stick with a theme, and I have named other mounts after other moons of Saturn (Titan, and Calypso). Third, Hyperion is a Gallente battleship in EVE Online which i’ve been playing for over 3 years. I cross trained into Gallente and have flown this ship and liked it a lot. Tanks like a beast. Cant wait for t2 blasters!

Green Armadillo:

  • I’d name the cat Lessanna, and give it to the Ratonga monk I’ve always intended to roll up but never actually got around to. Since I do play on an RP server, I felt like I had to have some reason for betraying with a bit more backstory than “I think Ratonga are cool unarmed fighters, but would rather play a monk than a bruiser”. The backstory that the Dark Bargainers wanted to turn the Ratonga’s unlikely pet cat into a rug would be a great story hook for leaving Neriak.
  • Also, due to the irony of a tiny Ratonga riding around on a giant cat, I’m sure that the cat will learn to answer to “nice kitty, please don’t eat me”.

and Bob:

  • My name for your contest is: Ulterex
  • It is derived from Ultera, the place associated with Quellithulian teleportation and “ex” for movement in modern language or “from” in latin.

4 Responses to Winners of the Prowler Mount!

  1. Craig says:

    Gratz to the winners :)

  2. Middie says:

    Grats Winners!

  3. Bob says:

    Ulterex will be roaming on The Bazaar server, carrying the Dwarven berserker Thae Dius to and from his home in New Halas. Thank you Stargrace.

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