Weekly Reminders

First of all, don’t forget that this week the city festival is in Halas, and there are some amazing looking house items going along with it. It’s a fantastic way to spend your city tokens that you’ve worked so hard to earn. I particularly love the mail box reward this time around, it’s different then what the other city festivals have given.

If you’re a fan of live events you’ll also want to make sure you check out the druid ring event on your server before it vanishes. Even if the druid rings have all been reconstructed, the NPCs will stick around to offer you the quests so that you can continue working towards the housing items. There are a few unique items within this event, as you can get some different looking rings, a must have for any aspiring druid. You can check out the event and a list of items sold at EQ2traders.

If you’re not a fan of patch notes, you may have missed a few of the smaller changes that went in with the latest update. Most notably (and incredibly awesome for those with alts) is that you can now speak to a research assistant on each one of your characters, instead of only one per server. Remember you need to have the expert level of a spell before training to a master level, and the length of time it takes to train will vary depending on the level of the spell. I absolutely love this change, and couldn’t be happier. It’s not much, but it’s still great to get 1 master a month or so without cost.

Any other great changes or notices you’d like to bring attention to? Please don’t hesitate to let me know in comments. Happy gaming, and I’ll see you in Norrath!

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  1. Lishian says:

    I bought a few of the green mannequins, the druid ring and made a tunare shring in my 3 bedroom in Halas. I made a grassy area in one of my rooms using those firely patches of grass from bristlebane day, put the druid ring on top, my tunare alter in the druid ring, a few trees and bushes around it and my two green mannequis guard it. If you haven’t bought one those new mannequins and customized it, they still have a leafy green apearance even with armor adorned.

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