Always Someone Bigger

I was on my way to Jita to make my first ever contract. I’ve been working on invention along with Kasul, to create blueprints to sell in order to raise money for my Orca. I’m about 1/8th of the way to affording one, and still two months away from flying one, so I’m hoping it works out. Anyhow, Jita was amazing. I’d never been there before, and it was by far the largest number of ships I’d ever seen in one location, with more then 900 flying the skies. The chat channel was also far different then I was used to, and it really reminded me of a galaxy with traders from all over the world. In fact it was probably the first time my brain grasped the concept of the fact that I was playing a sci fi game and enjoying it. My favorite comment of the night came from someone who was replying over scamming attempts. His reply to the person who seemed a bit outraged was “dude, you’re in Jita.” – it just hit home for me.

The screen shot above came from my trip to Jita, a Charon flew side by side with me almost the entire way (it was easy to tell we were both on auto pilot) and I felt incredibly small in my hulk which I have been raving about for weeks now. The hulk is the largest ship I own, and previous to the Charon the Orca was the largest ship I had ever seen. The Charon was gigantic, and amazing, and graceful and just made me remember all of the reasons why I’m enjoying this game so much.

I put my contract up, and now I’m eagerly waiting to see if it pays off (literally). In the mean time Kasul and I have a nice little invention rotation going on. We’ve been working on hammerhead II’s since we’re both playing drone boats, and I’ve successfully invented and manufactured a few of them now. The cost of creating five of them is less then one million ISK, and since the drones themselves sell for half a million ISK each, we’re saving a good amount of money.

Kasul has also been creating rigs for us to use, I’ve added some to my Dominix that increase my CPU, and stabilized myself finally. The Dominix is ready for all sorts of missions now, and I’m excited about that. In the mean time I’d like to work towards Research Project Management, which is a skill that allows you to work with more then one R&D agent at a time. It takes a fair amount to be able to train this skill, and it’s just one more item in a long list of things I wish to learn. I do have to admit, I’m having a blast.

Happy flying!

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  1. Magson says:

    Yeah, I can only use 1 R&D agent right now either and have got so much else going on that I haven’t felt it worth my time to take the 2 weeks or so I would need in order to be able to use multiple agents.

    You think the Charon’s big? Me too. But head over to Luminaire and you can see the NPC titan. . . . .

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