It Doesn’t Get any more Exciting Than This

What an incredibly exciting night. You know how you get a thrill from taking down a particularly hard encounter, or that chill when you know you’re on the brink of something dangerous? That proud feeling when you barely make it out alive and you want to jump up and down in your chair and pump your fist in the air. That was my night. To start it off that contract that I put out in Jita the night before actually sold, my first ever contract. I was incredibly proud and happy and excited. Fluke? Maybe, but it was still fantastic. I put another contract out in the 2nd trade hub that I know of, a little cheaper then the first, to see if it would also sell. Started an invention of another hammerhead II which succeeded, and put in another blueprint to be sold off while I manufactured the hammerhead drone. As I mentioned yesterday Kasul and I are actually using these drones, so they’re not being sold for any profit. It’s nice to finally have a nice ‘method’ down to my crafting.

There are quite a few ‘branches’ to EVE that I like to explore. One that I’ve barely spent any time with is probing. It’s a smaller branch, but the rewards can be fantastic if you’re patient. I have an imicus fit for probing, since it gains a small bonus. I’ve got rigs that increase this bonus, and I’ve got a cloaking device fit to it so I can sneak into sites I find and scope them out before risking my ships. I’m still learning what ship names mean and how to tell whether a location is dangerous or not.

I set out to see what I could find, and hone my skills at narrowing down a signature. Getting one to show up at all is always nice. Then moving it to 25% so that you can see what type it is, then 75% so you can see the name of it, is always exciting.

The first site I found was actually one of those 100% signature sites where rats hang out. Normally when I scan those someone else has either already been there or is performing clean up duty on the location. This time around I was incredibly lucky, and I happened to be first. Kasul came out in his Ishtar and fought the four waves of rats while I took a few jumps to grab my dominix and help with the final wave as well as help with the clean up afterward. Another player showed up just as we were finishing, and for once it felt good to be the ones who got there first.

I switched back to the imicus and continued trying to hone my probing skills (har har) and managed to lock onto two wurmhole signatures. I’ve heard nothing but “DANGER DANGER” when it comes to these sites from pretty much everyone, but I was feeling bold. I know the basics of wurmholes, I know they can collapse behind you, you can get lost in them forever, they are nullsec space, and they are infested with rats called Sleepers that are very mean. Not to mention other players who (I imagine) have far more experience than me. Despite the warning signs I decided it was time to pop into one and see what would happen.

One reason I felt ‘safe’ doing this is because I haven’t spent a lot of ISK (or LP or anything else for that matter) obtaining implants. If I lose mine I’ll lose a few +2 and maybe one or two +3 that I’ve gotten from mission running. My clone is up to date, and if I have to self destruct I’ll lose my ship and really nothing of any true value. Before jumping into the wurmhole I told myself that it was highly probable that I would die inside, or be lost forever, or that some other great evil would befall me. If you go in with this attitude (and truly believe it) things are a lot less scary.

I traded out my probing imicus for a second imicus that is fit with a cloaking device and a probe launcher and nothing else. The ship is a back up and meant to be “ok” to lose forever. Took a deep breath, and launched myself into the wurmhole. Wow. It was amazing. There were planets everywhere, it was huge. I spent some time roaming around just looking. I’d never seen something that appeared so empty before. Since I was there in a covert ops ship I decided what the heck, I may as well practice my probing skills a little more. I ignored the sleeper sites that I found and first traveled to a Ladar site which is a gas cloud. In wurmholes there is a plethora of nullsec materials to be harvested. Of course it’s not safe at all. That’s the exciting part. I am currently unable to harvest gas clouds but I added it to my list of things to do. I moved on and eventually tracked down a gravimetric (I probably spelled that wrong) site. Warped to it, and was unable to breathe. Ores by names I had never seen before presented themselves to me. Of course I was in an imicus and couldn’t harvest them so I took about 10 seconds to decide that I would get my second account, fit it with a ‘disposable’ retriever, and attempt to harvest nullsec ore in a wurmhole.

My heart was beating in my chest, it was that exciting. I fit the retriever with ‘disposable’ items, joined up in a fleet with myself and off I went. I looked at the info to the wurmhole which will give you a brief description of it. While the entrance was not going to last too much longer (less then 12 hours) it had not been disrupted by ships entering, so I shrugged my shoulders and warped the retriever in.

Headed to the ore site, and began mining, my eyes scanning my overlay to watch out for any rats. Two pulls of nullsec ore later, there they were – sleepers. I (by some incredible stroke of luck) managed to warp myself out while the retriever was almost dead, and made it back to the wurmhole entrance (or exit, depending on how you see it) where I had entered from. Hold laden with ore, I snuck out, caught my breath, and made it back to headquarters where I just stared at the ore. I can’t refine it yet, but I will. Looking at an ore chart (thank you Kasul) I saw that I had managed to find the 2nd most valuable ore in the game.

I’ve got no idea if this is something I’m going to make a habit of but it was an incredibly exciting night none the less. It’s been a long time since I felt that rush from an MMO, and I’m looking forward to my next experience.

Fly safe!

4 Responses to It Doesn’t Get any more Exciting Than This

  1. Professer says:

    That ‘rush’ only seems to be in games that have actual loss tied to death. Darkfall is packed full of those adrenaline rushes, as you are always aware that some one could come along and take all your stuff if you aren’t careful. More games need to create this feeling, some how. Be it death penalties, or any game mechanis. Its just plain kick-ass.

  2. Rob says:

    Nice job Stargrace! I loved this post. I have been considering getting back into EVE since the Tyrannis launch, but I decided that I would stick it out with WoW and EQ2 a bit longer. You aren’t helping me out with posts like this! ><

  3. Magson says:

    Ninja mining a wormhole. Awesome!

    I’ve mucked around in a few, but they were always occupied by players, so I’ve seen POS’s and watched a few small skirmishes, but that’s been about my extent of being in W-Space.

  4. Yogi says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun. Love getting that rush from a game. Congrats on the nice score of ore :)

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