Fallen Earth Mobile Companion App Launches

Yes, I picked up this app for my ipod, and this week I also managed to pick up a WoW authenticator which I’m pleased as punch about (not to mention it came with a cute little in game puppy pet). I love games that add apps for people, and I’m looking forward to exploring this one. I’m not currently in a guild in Fallen Earth, so if you happen to be in one and are looking for more members, please let me know!


Compatible for iPhone, Android

Cary, NC – June 8, 2010ICARUS STUDIOS and Fallen Earth, LLC, developers of the self-titled massively multiplayer online game (MMO), today announced the launch of the Fallen Earth Companion App with partner AFK Interactive, available for iPhone and Android devices. The app allows players real-time access to the live game server, where they can check in-game mail, view auctions, send and receive chat messages and more!

“The development of the iPhone application has allowed our team to extend the capabilities of Icarus Studios’ xScape Platform,” said Phil Hall, CEO of Icarus Studios. “The degree of mobile interactivity is unparalleled. Players now have the ability to interact with the live game server in ways that, until now, weren’t possible without a PC.”

Making life in the apocalypse a little easier for survivors, the Fallen Earth companion app feature set includes the ability to:

  • Check in-game mail
  • Interact with clan members and online friends
  • Visit the auction house to browse bids and keep tabs on auctions
  • View available crafting recipes and check progress on those active
  • Examine character profiles and equipped gear
  • Access the world map

The iPhone application also allows players to view all acquired achievements, those in progress and their overall achievement score.

As development on the app continues, players can expect to see future updates available through the Fallen Earth online store. The next slated update for the app, available in the coming months, will include the ability to send in-game mail and attachments as well as craft new items and buy and sell at the auction house.

“The Fallen Earth app is a taste of the future of mobile connectivity,” said Doug Dyer, president of AFK Interactive.  “It’s really the first of its kind with this much real time, connected functionality across multiple platforms and, at AFK, we’re betting it’s just the beginning.”

The Fallen Earth companion app is a one-time download and available today for both compatible platforms. Players may purchase the app directly from iTunes or through the Google Android App Store for $1.99 (USD). The Blackberry app will be available in the coming weeks and may be purchased directly through Blackberry App World for $2.99 (USD).

A network connection and active game account are required for use.

For more information about the Fallen Earth Companion App, visit the FAQ at www.fallenearth.com/mobilefaq.

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  1. Scarybooster says:

    Man, I thought for sure this app was going to be X’d after all the layoffs. I am glad they got it off the ground. The Fallen Earth crew is a bunch of great people. The game is good too. I can’t wwait to try it out when I get a chance to get back in the game.

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