Another Book Mystery

I was finally inspired to log into EQ2 randomly, and as I do every time I log in, I checked the broker for player written books. It’s not unusual after a break for me to find a large selection of books that I do not own, but something was different about this batch.

There are 10 books to this series, each one is called “The Keepers: <player name here>” – it was much to my surprise that I saw that Stargrace was listed as one of the keepers. This is what the book says (of course I bought them all to add to my collection)

Fate has decreed that you possess a tome of great value.  You are not the first, the only, nor the last.  Your tenure as keeper is temporary.

What you do while keeper has already been written, though it remains hidden from your view.

Reading these words has already determined your fate.  For good or for ill, your path has been changed.

You may seek councel in the cards, but you may change nothing.

Tunare will guide you.


Two of Coins

What is                What is
Perceived             Revealed
Eight of Tears       Four of Truth

Your                  Your                 Your
Dreams              Identity              Fears
Strength         Five of Tears    Princess of Tears


The High Priest

The Veil               The Mask
Prince of Blades        Nine of Tears

What is
Emotions            Revealed              Logic
King of Blades     Four of Tears        Temperance



What is
Illusion             Revealed           Substance
Three of Coins     Six of Truth      Seven of Tears

What to              What to
Avoid                 Accept
The Queen        Nine of Blades

Now, the formatting is a little messed up when I copied it here, but I thought it was the oddest (and most awesome) thing that I’ve been a part of. What book are they speaking of? I am not actually sure. If anyone knows, please let me know in comments! I’ll be adding these books and the others to my collection, which you can view in the North Freeport Mage tower, under the name of Ellithia on Antonia Bayle. I had contemplated moving her to Halas, but have not yet come to a conclusion on that.

2 Responses to Another Book Mystery

  1. Niall says:

    I recognize “Temparance”, “Strength”, and “The High Priest”. If “Blades” = “Swords”, then there is also the “King of Blades” and “Nine of Blades”. There is no “Prince of Blades” that I know of. The rest of the cards I don’t know about, but they have to represent the other suits.

    “Theer” “The Queen” “Temperance” “Strength” and “The High Priest” must be parts of the Major Arcana.
    “Coins”, “Blades”, “Tears” and “Truth” must be parts of the Minor Arcana.

    “reversed” means the card has the opposite meaning than it’s normal interpretation.

    The different names for the suits and Major Arcana indicate that this is a modified deck adapted to EQ2. Without a book on this modified deck, it would be hard to interpret this spread.

  2. Niall says:

    Looks like a tarot spread

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