Progress is Progress

I’m trying very hard to get both my shaman and my death knight to level 65 (and hopefully the death knight to level 68 and the shaman one day to 80) so that they can begin working on getting their crafting past their current caps of 375. Yesterday along with Manos, the shaman managed to inch her way past level 56, and hit 57. Scholomance was on the schedule, and I also decided to pick up duel spec for 1,000 gold. I have only ever purchased this before for my priest who can very clearly have a heal line and a dps line. The shaman is much the same way and so I’ve got a restoration (I believe that’s the name of it) spec and also went down enhancement which I believe is what the melee spec is called. I was thinking of going down the elemental (I think that’s it) dps spec which is spell casting, but I thought it may be better to save my mana for when I do actually cast heals, and just go down the melee line. Besides, who doesn’t love the look of duel wielding!

The instances were fun and fairly quick, of course that’s to be expected when you’ve got a level 80 tanking everything for you. I find the shaman a little more complicated than the priest because I’ve got no de-agro, and no emergency ward I can stick up to prevent being attacked. Due to my lower level I’m used to “accidentally” pulling everything in a room, and I’ve had to come up with creative methods of staying alive.

I also completed Dire Maul, and it was my first time through the entire zone (to obtain the King of Dire Maul achievement). I love the story behind it, and it was fun to learn my way around. Hamal (Kasul from Shattered) also joined up in our little WoW guild, so that makes four of us. A priest, Warrior, Mage, and Hunter. Everyone got a lot of levels last night, and I’m pleased as punch that they all seem to be having a good time. Again I’m not sure how long it will last, but as long as they’re having fun for the moment that’s good.

What was everyone else up to this weekend? Explore any new lands? Let me know in comments!

Happy gaming.

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  1. Ardwulf says:

    Friday night the paired Druids that Mrs. Ardwulf and I are playing finally hit level 55, so last night we made a pair of Death Knights on some random server, and played through the DK content. It was fun. My own main (80 Paladin) has been slooowly working his way through the dungeon achievements, and I got Dire Maul last week myself – it’s a cool place.

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