Trying to get Back into the Groove

Me and EQ2 have been taking a little break from one another. A vacation, if you will. It’s nothing new, every year we decide we’ve seen too much of one another and I wander on to some other amusement park while EQ2 continues to entertain those around me. I get a little jealous, but I shrug it off. We’ve been doing this for a long time now, and both of us know it’s not permanent and that I’ll come crawling back, I always do.

Yesterday I decided that I wanted to try to test the waters and see if I was ready to come back, there’s plenty for me to work on. I haven’t even finished the quests in Lavastorm from the previous expansion let alone made a dent in Sentinel’s Fate, or even ventured into Halas more then purchasing a home. There’s crafters who need leveling, and a lot of achievements to be had. Of course the very first difficult decision I had was WHO to play! That’s always my hardest decision in any of my games because I’ve had alts for almost as long as I’ve been gaming. I started out with my fury who I’ve mentioned before is my favorite character (personally) but I find difficult to play because everyone and their dog plays a druid and thus there’s no real desire for one. Especially in Sentinel’s Fate where druids make fantastic healers for their quick casting group heals over time. I eventually ended up spending the evening just bouncing around from character to character which was not bad, it gave me a feel for all of the characters again and maybe when I load up the game today I’ll have a more definitive idea of who I want to play.

In the mean time, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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