Yesterday in a rare decision I wanted to actually play my ‘main’ in WoW which happens to be my priest. I had been bouncing around between the shaman and the death knight attempting to reach level 65 on each of them so that they could begin Wrath crafting, but was feeling a little burnt out from each and I was only 40% away from leveling on the priest. I headed to Nexus (and before hand picked up three quests for the dungeon) with Manos in a LFD group, one that had already cleared all of the zone except the bosses. They mentioned that they had been trying to complete the zone all day long which made me a little sad since it barely took us 15 minutes to complete the rest of it. Quests completed, upgrades obtained, and the priest easily found herself at level 73. Only four more and I can learn Northrend cold flying. Finally.

Later on in the evening Manos and I decided to attempt to duo the Nexus instance, it’s always nice to be able to claim all cloth for myself and disenchant all the greens. My enchanting is currently at 430, and my tailoring the same. In order to progress either of them I need to make incredibly complicated recipes that take a lot of rares. I have slowly been purchasing my extra enchanting recipes from Dalaran, but tailoring seems to be a little lacking in that department, unless there is something I am missing (which is more than likely).

I’m certainly not the quickest at leveling in WoW, but I seem to have more patience then I would normally have, and it’s enjoyable. The priest is able to hold her own fairly well (imo) and though I am still incredibly nervous healing when I don’t know an encounter, I imagine it will be something that I can overcome with time. We’ll just have to see.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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  1. Dresdor says:

    problem with WoW is that they have a massive xp requirement for WOTLK levels, and most of the xp bonuses and level requirement reductions they did were from 20-60 and not TBC or WOTLK levels. So you are left with a massive xp requirement for 10 or so levels.

    Only real way to deal with it is to complete quests, as they give massive xp compared to killing mobs. Completing three or four zones will get you from 68-70, but it will take time and patience. YOu could just wait for rested and do instances but it will take longer.

    Consequently discipline priest is a good way to go for easy healing. Glyph of power word shield and various talents make healing with low or no mana use simple. I’ve played disc priest a lot, and the only problem is it gets boring unless your tank is severely undergeared and your group is a bunch of idiots. Even then its not hard. If you should run out of mana, you just focus on healing the tank instead of everyone and you’re fine.

  2. Dril says:

    There are of course some things that aid WoW’s levelling; as someone who now has four 80s, having heirloom gear, and rested bonuses, and knowing where all the quests are and go made it possible to do 73-80 in 3 days, although that was hardcore playing. Suffice to say I do think WoW is harder to level in than people think, or rather, the motivation to level is hard to find, particularly with Cata looming so close.

    Anyways, for healing try not to worry too much about it. If the tank is good you should have little to no problems with stray damage (unless there’s AoE) and as long as you watch the screen and not just the healing bars for any AoE things on the floor. Good luck healing :)

  3. stargrace says:

    Yes, that’s actually one of the first things that stood out to me, that I can level so very quickly in EQ2, but WoW is taking me forever. Although I have been playing both games for 5+ years now and I’ve got significantly more time invested in EQ2, for the “easier” game, WoW is NOT as quick as everyone else thinks – imo.

  4. Magson says:

    You can get from 1-80 in EQ2 in less than a day /played, but aren’t quick at leveling in WoW, which is regarded as the “easier to level” of the 2 games.

    Fascinating how perception doesn’t match reality, isn’t it?

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