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Faeble is now level locked at 29. I’ve been working on alternate advancement, and have managed to get 46 so far. I also decided that playing a conjurer wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do, so I am going to betray over to a necromancer. It suits my play style more and I don’t think the little fae will be too out of place living in Neriak or Freeport instead of Halas. Actually I’ll probably have her move to Gorowyn once I’m done the betrayal process. Yesterday I spent time working through the lower level dungeons like Ruins of Varsoon, Fallen Gate, and then a few instances like Nektulos Castle. I haven’t worked on gear for the character yet, but that will come with time. I also haven’t set foot into a battleground yet with the little fae, but again, with time.

I’m having quite a bit of fun now that I’m back to playing (even if it is only with a lower level character) but I find myself missing raids lately. I haven’t raided seriously since the beginning of RoK (Kunark) and I think I’d like to get back into it. The key part for me is finding a guild that A) is EST, and B) doesn’t act like a group of jerks. Harder then it sounds. I haven’t decided if I should begin this search on Oasis or Antonia Bayle, but hopefully something will come through. I also have to find a guild that doesn’t mind me having not raided for a while. Sure, I did a lot of The Shadow Odyssey raids, but I’ve only done a few of the Sentinel’s Fate raids, and I don’t think I’ve done any of them on hard mode. I’m hoping to find a guild that will benefit either from my mystic (who is at least sporting a few pieces of red slot gear) or my coercer, both of which are on Antonia Bayle but who I’d be willing to transfer. Then there’s also my fury on Oasis. I do have a number of other level 90 characters (dirge, troubador, paladin, just to name a few) but those are the three who are my ‘top’ characters to play.

Whether or not I’ll actually succeed in finding a guild I’ve no idea. I am not exactly as involved as I could be in the game, and while I personally feel that I know my characters quite well and play them well, that may not actually be the case to someone else.

I hope everyone else is having an enjoyable weekend, don’t forget today is Father’s day, so have a great one all you Dad’s out there, and all you guys who stand in for Dad’s.

Hugs, and happy gaming.

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  1. Bob says:

    I don’t know if you’ve tried to do a battleground or not, so I will pass on what I’ve learned. There is no tier 3 battleground. My level 22 character was not allowed in. You may want to adjust your plans accordingly if haven’t done so already.

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