Leveling for Battlegrounds and Decorating Advetures

As I discovered this weekend, there are no battlegrounds for T3 (levels 20-29) but there are for T4 (30-39) so I’ve leveled my little conjurer to 39 and turned her experience to 100% alternate advancement for the time being. I hope to stock pile on these (I’m a little over 50 at the time of this post) and obtain some gear for her. Plus I still want to betray to a necromancer and I’ve been stocking up on master spells. The little fae is going to (eventually) be a sage, the one crafter I seem to be missing on the Oasis server. I’m excited about it. I haven’t spent any money on the character (no collections etc) so it’s been fairly painless thus far.

In the mean time I’ve also been continuing with the decorating of my Halas home (greenhouse pictured above). I’ve still got no idea what I want to do with the rest of the home, but now that I’ve at least got the hang of how to work with the layout editor that SOE added to the game, I’m able to play a little more creatively. I love it!

I also spent a great deal of time doing the moonlight grotto quests yesterday before they poofed for another month, and stocked up on more sky tiles, as well as a few more plants and some star tiles. They’re selling for an insane amount over on Oasis (5p each piece) and hopefully this will be enough for me for a little while.

What has everyone else been up to? Let me know in comments!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself

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  1. Bob says:

    I have a little experience with battlegrounds, so I will share it with you. Clearly you’ve heard that tier 10 (level 90) is a meat grinder with a lot of very well geared players. This is true. I have a 90 assassin with 5 of 7 armor spots filled with bg gear, the bg weapon, 2 fabled jewelry and legendary everywhere else, along with greater tier 9 adornments in most spots. I’m probably below average most of the time. Some of that is my lack of skill and interest in bgs. However, I still stomp the minority that obviously don’t have the gear to make it. I would guess that stories like this have motivated your conjurer plan.

    The plan might or might not work as well as you like. I have played a tier 4 battleground exactly once, and I got my rear handed to me. Of course, I was playing a level 30SK with maybe 25AAs, a good weapon from a heritage quest, but otherwise little decent gear and poor combat art skills. I also have the opposite problem of alt-itis. Every time I play an alt, I think about how much better my main is. You will probably do alright, as you will be better off in most every way. I played right after the GU just to check out the low level bgs and to see what would happen with a different character. It was a lark and I didn’t have a plan.

    However, in the case that it doesn’t work out, you have alternatives that might work out for you. The tier 9 battleground is easier to some degree. Some players have level locked at 89 so they can farm tokens, but most feel the draw of 90 and level 90 gear too strongly to stop I think. As I recall, you have a number of alts that are in the 80-89 range that might work out well. At least it is another idea in case your original plan works out less well than you think, especially if it is hard to get a game running with the low percentage of the population in tier 4. Conversely, according to EQPlayers, there are roughly the same number of characters distributed from 81-89 as there are level 90. There are also twice as many at 80 as 90. The point is, tier 9 battlegrounds might not be that bad of a backup plan. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you anything specific about how it is currently.

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