First Incident with Bad Customer Service

For three days now I’ve been attempting to move my Mystic from Antonia Bayle to Oasis. Simple enough. I purchased a character transfer token, emptied my mail, broker, took care of any last minute dealings I had and prepared to complete the transfer. When I used it, the character just refused to move. Instead I got a ‘character could not be found in the database’ error, so I petitioned it. About 10 hours later I was told that I should read the ‘how to transfer a character’ section of the help files (even though I’ve done this many many times before) and that if my character name was taken I would have to choose a new one. Except my character name isn’t taken on Oasis.

I petitioned back right after I received that response and said it wasn’t a naming issue, and that the token in my inventory simply refuses to work.

Two days later, no response even though I’ve updated the petition twice, and I still can not move my character. After five plus years I suppose I shouldn’t be complaining, this really is the first time out of 50+ petitions that I’ve ever had an issue, but I really did expect some sort of response (any type) by now. Even a simple “we are working on the problem”. Perhaps the system is overloaded and they have too many petitions to deal with but I’ve always prided the quick response I’ve received in the past.

For now, I’m simply waiting. Hopefully Ellithia will make it to Oasis in one piece, and sooner rather then later.

7 Responses to First Incident with Bad Customer Service

  1. Ferrel says:

    Yay! Oasis likes having you around.

    That said, we have had a LOT of issues moving our characters lately. One of our new players tried to move a character to Oasis and it took two weeks. Another guild member tried to move a character from account 2 to account 3.

    Account 3 was literally deleted in the process. It was simply gone for over a day. SOE fixed that but the toon has yet to move.

  2. kaozz says:

    I had to wait almost three weeks for help in WoW… I had to ask for some kind of information on what was going on. Gotta love badgering them for information lol.

    Did you pay for the transaction already? I had Everquest bill me several time due to a bug with the browser doing a server transfer. Ugh I had to wait a week or so on that to get sorted, it was a long time ago though. I almost forgot about it. Never had any issues in EQ2 though, GL with it.

  3. stargrace says:

    @Niall – I do have two other characters on AB, a 90 coercer (also have a 90 coercer on Oasis, so she won’t be moving any time soon) and an 87 inquisitor. The books are staying on AB with that character. :)

  4. Niall says:

    What about your books? AB *is* a roleplay server. Just saying…..

  5. stargrace says:

    @Bob – no I’m actually moving her back to the server all my other characters are on, since I don’t know anyone playing on AB right now. :) I have split my time between both servers for a while now. I”d just rather them all be together.

  6. Bob says:

    Are you moving the mystic because Antonia Bayle has performance issues due to too many players?

  7. Wiqd says:

    Wow yea, not something I’d expect to hear about EQ2’s customer service. They’ve always been on my petitions in like, a matter of hours, if not minutes heh. I sowwy :(

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