Weekend Updates

No update on whether my mystic will be moving to Oasis any time soon. I got an email on Friday that said there was no ETA on when the problem may be solved, and I should just sit tight. That’s what I’m doing. I’ve already paid the $25 to transfer and I’ve heard stories from friends where it’s taken weeks lately to get a character transfer, so I guess we’ll just have to see how it works out I suppose. Having not yet learned my lesson I also put in a request to move a character from my 2nd EQ account over to my main one (my 81 enchanter, as well as my 59 beastlord). Since it was the weekend I didn’t really expect to hear back from anyone (and I didn’t), but hopefully there will be an update on the situation today.

I did get some game time in which was nice. My fury tagged along and did Library, Research Halls, and Palace last night. I didn’t get any loot (master spells or other wise) but I did get a handful of shards, which I’ve been storing up in my shared bank. If my mystic ever transfers over I’ll have another bunch of shards to add to my collection, and I should be able to get some nice gear upgrades.

I’ve settled on two ‘mains’ which is nice. The dirge, and the fury (which may change to the mystic if she makes it back to Oasis). They both need lots of work (alternate advancement for the most part) but are fun to play and not so under geared that I can’t do anything with them. I like having goals to work towards and things to work on, it keeps me logging in.

How did everyone else spend their weekend? Hopefully you had a great time, no matter where you found yourself.

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