Lets Talk Favorite Zones

We all have a zone that we would consider our ‘favorite’ – whether it’s an end game zone, or one that we explore over and over again. What I’m curious about is whether these zones are our favorites because of the zone mechanics – or because of some unforgettable story that goes along with them. I would have to say that mine is a combination of things. I absolutely love the mechanic of some zones. I love the stories that go along with them, and trying to figure them out. I would have to say one of my favorites is Djinn Master’s Prism. I have only been to this raid zone ONCE in my entire EQ2 gaming span, and it was one that I won’t soon forget.

This raid zone came with Desert of Flames, and is located in Shimmering Citadel. It’s one of the most scripted fights I’ve ever encountered to date and only ONE guild beat it at the proper level cap.

The fight seems simple enough. Upon zoning in you’ll see some scripted messages that indicate a particular song must be played for the final fight. You slowly work your way through the instance to the final room, clearing trash and a few named that drop pieces for the songs. The Djinn Master resides in the final room. To beat the encounter you need to have raid members who have a music box charm item that is quested (by finding scarabs throughout DoF zones). This music box allows you to root the Djinn Master in place during proper intervals of the song. If you use the music box too many times, he becomes immune to the root.

When you start the script for the encounter you’ll see a number of instruments spawn in the room. You have to place them all in a circle, and then have people play them in order depending on which song was scripted at the beginning. Each instrument corresponds to a letter. While you play the song successfully, you have to root the Djinn Master in the center of all the instruments. He’s immune to attacks while this is going on. He also (of course) has a huge knock back that will fling people everywhere, making playing the instruments all the more difficult. Keep him rooted and he won’t do this. Positioning him to the center of the instruments is difficult. Keeping people playing them properly, also difficult. Not to mention the instruments de-spawn after you’ve played one verse of the song, and re-spawn in a jumbled mess shortly after when it’s time to play the next verse. This happens (I believe) at least four times during the fight. Of course since the Djinn Master is immune to attacks unless you play the song and keep him rooted, the fight is all the more fun.

Things are easier now that the level cap has risen so much above the DoF expansion, but it was still one of my most favorite fights. It was an incredible team effort, and so this zone is one of my favorites not only because of the amazing script that went along with it but because of the comradeship displayed by guild mates.

What about everyone else? What’s your favorite zone / event – and why? Let me know in comments!

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