I Believe I can Fly

Yesterday was a holiday for us here in Canada (it was Canada’s 143rd birthday – so young!) and to avoid the millions of people down town hoping to get a glimpse of the Queen I stayed home safe and sound, watching episodes of LOST (I just made it to episode 13 season one, it’s my first time watching), knitting, and generally relaxing. Evening came and I decided to make the final push for 77 so I could drop another 1,000 gold on my final flying skill. Being able to fly in Northrend is something I have really missed. Especially since all the level 80’s keep swooping out of the sky when I’m running on the ground and killing me.

I meandered my way (with the help of Manos) through a few dungeons I had never been to before in order to get those levels. I picked up as many quests as I could (they give huge amounts of experience) and did the Halls of Stone (my first time there) as well as Gundrak. I obtained a few upgrades along the way, including a new robe, two new rings, and new shoulders. The experience in the dungeons themselves was pretty poor, but combining them with the quests available made for a much easier time. I could have just quest grinded my way through the level but I’ve been feeling a little burnt out from my latest attempt.

Now that I’ve hit 77 I’d like to focus on my alts a little. I’m still trying to get both the shaman and the DK to 65 so that I can raise their crafting levels (jewelcrafting, inscription, and alchemy). The DK is only two levels away, and the shaman four, so it shouldn’t be too big of a deal to hit those goals. I’m doing my daily random so that I can eventually purchase some heirloom gear, and aside from that things are going pretty well. Once I hit 77 four more dungeons opened up to me, and I’m looking forward to learning them and exploring.

Hope everyone else is having a great day, and enjoy your 4th of July weekend! Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself.

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