Now That’s What I Call Progress

While Canada celebrated its 143rd birthday on Thursday, this weekend also happens to be Independence Day for the United States, and thus a lot of my friends are around in game – not to mention there are a lot of in-game bonuses going on. EQ2 is having their 2nd ever 100% “true” experience bonus weekend, granting 100% bonus to aa, crafting, and combat. I decided to take advantage of it along with a LOT of others. First up was a few Protectors Realm runs, for cash and manas. This dungeon is from Ruins of Kunak, and it’s old now but still grants experience. We took five people to do the entire zone, the first time through I healed on my mystic, and the second time through I played my troubador. I made about 24 plat each run, and everyone managed to get themselves a few infusions and manas for their gear.

Due to an issue transferring my mystic over to Oasis earlier this week, I had to delete my 39 conj (who was in the midst of betraying to a necromancer) and I decided that this would be the perfect weekend to re-create her. Instead of a fae I decided to roll an iksar, and now she’s sitting happily back at level 39 with a good selection of aa to her name. Experience is turned off so that I can focus on making her ready for battlegrounds, and I have hopes of eventually crafting with her and creating the sage I lack on Oasis.

Over all I’m quite pleased with the progress I made. The 100% bonus runs until the 6th, so there’s still plenty of time to take advantage of it. Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself, I hope everyone has had a fantastic (and safe) weekend!

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  1. dresdor says:

    Wondering if you could talk in a blog post about the EQ2 crafting system. I’m curious if its worth getting into for me.

    Love your blog btw, its an interesting read.

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