Kojani Two Story Home Completed!

I finally finished re-building my Kojan two story home and decided to show off some screen shots. Enjoy! Remember, nothing in Vanguard is instanced (unless you want to count the ‘shards’ for raiding). This home required a LOT of materials to build, and I built it myself. I spent a few days harvesting granite and dusky timber in order to craft:

  • 220 Kojani housing bricks (thank goodness these are 20 at a time, I own a production manual)
  • Kojani skarn cornerstone
  • 80 Kojani granite housing shingles (again, a production manual made this easy)
  • 100 prime wood beams (5 at a time)
  • 50 prime wood panels (5 at a time)

There were also a few portions that I couldn’t craft myself. These included 15 window coverings (outfitter created), and 15 mithril fasteners (blacksmith created) as well as a few vendor sold items (mortar). I’m incredibly proud of the home, so feel free to let me know what you think of the screen shots!

3 Responses to Kojani Two Story Home Completed!

  1. Entrails_770 says:

    Very nice as I know how much work goes into one ;-)

  2. stargrace says:

    Er, well I *just* built it, that stuff comes with time. :) Plus, maybe I like it sparse.

  3. dresdor says:

    You need more stuff, your house is too sparse.

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