Dungeon Shenanigans

Last night I headed in for two random dungeons along with two guild mates, and we had a blast. One of them is a little lower level, so we weren’t doing anything incredibly difficult, and he got a few gear upgrades which is always nice. Afterward myself and the 80 warrior decided to play in some ‘big kid’ zones, where I experienced one of the most frustrating things in LFD yet.

As a tank and healer combo there’s rarely ever a wait when it comes to LFD – even when selecting the dungeon. We decided to head to The Forge of Souls, which is not that difficult – unless you end up in a grp like I did. The first give away that it was not going to be a particularly pleasant trip was that the three other DPS were all from the same guild. So that left myself (priest) and my guild mate (tank) unable to vote anyone out since they certainly were not going to vote their own guild mates out of a group. Now, you can hate on gearscore all you want but one thing it DOES tell me, is how difficult of a time I’m going to have healing in a zone. That is not to say that someone with a higher GS is going to perform better (because that has certainly not been the case) but it DOES tell me how easy group members are going to DIE when they get hit with things.

The second give away was that one of the three DPS was an incredibly under geared warrior, who had never been there before. The two guild mates were explaining the fights as they went along. No problem, it was my first time too after all.

What I had a problem with was that they won every single piece of plate gear, and did 400 dps for the zone which is an abysmal amount for a DPS warrior. I really dislike gearing up other people’s characters like that. Run the instance with your own tank and healer instead of queuing with nothing but DPS from your guild. My heal parse was 2k for the zone which is a lot higher then it typically is when I’m running an instance. I felt as though I was healing a group of cloth wearing group mates instead of a rogue warrior, and shaman.

The instance was completed without any deaths, which is always good in my opinion but it was incredibly stressful to heal. I went through a lot of mana potions and while I pride myself on having done a good job, it still irks me that in instances it’s only too easy to ‘pull’ an under geared badly played character through so that they can obtain loot. I know, I could have left (along with the warrior) but in most situations I’d rather just tough it out. It was also nearing 2am and I just wanted to get the instance done with and move on.

Aside from the group aspect, the dungeon was fun. It unlocks another dungeon, and then that one unlocks a third. I should be saving up emblems for some gear for myself, but since I’m always bouncing around characters I’ll probably use it for the alt army and get heirloom instead. We’ll see.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

3 Responses to Dungeon Shenanigans

  1. Ferrel says:

    You’re a tauran! Very good then!

    Glad to hear you’re having fun =)

  2. stargrace says:

    @Dril – yeah, the guy tanking it. ;)

  3. Dril says:

    Did anyone else need the plate? And yes, Forge of Souls is a total bastard to heal no matter what, since a lot of the damage is magic and everyone will take shit loads of damage. Believe me, it’s at least twice as worse trying to heal it on a Holy Pally :P

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