Heirloom Gear

To the left is my first piece of heirloom gear – passed down to my baby warlock. This took 40 tokens of heroism to purchase, and while I know I could (should?) have used them to purchase gear for my “main” I decided that I spend enough time on my alts to warrant splurging a little on them too. Plus, I’m not exactly in a huge rush to join the gear race that begins at 80.

I like heirloom gear. I think that the ability to speed up the leveling process for alts is a great thing. Once you’ve already played through once there’s no reason why it should take longer then necessary to level again except to learn the new class. Plus it’s nice to be ‘uber’ for that tier.

I also completed my first heroic, Utgarde Keep. It doesn’t differ that much from the regular version, mobs hit harder but that was about it. The group consisted of myself (priest) two hunters, a rogue, and the warrior tank. Nothing of note dropped, but again it wasn’t a bad instance. Two group mates did die on random encounters, but there were no wipes and I think I did fairly well.

I also did The Pit of Saron, which was a lot of fun. Having never been there before I had some help to figure out the encounters. The bosses were a lot easier then I had thought they would be. I also won a really nice robe that I was happy to get. This unlocked the final instance, the most difficult one (or so I have heard). Calreth, Manos, and I also grouped together to do a random which sent us to the lower version of Utgarde Keep (since Calreth is currently level 71). Manos and I received a lot of praise for our healing and tanking, which was probably the first time I’ve ever gotten such a compliment. It was nice.

I’m also in the Cataclysm beta, so expect some postings on that to follow before too long. I’ve copied over a few characters, and created a warlock just to see how they work after the expansion.

Happy Friday, and happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Oakstout says:

    Heirloom gear is nice and I’m glad I have several pieces of it to help my Shadow Priest get on up there. I’m looking forward to handing it down once I get to 80 as well. I just wish you could move it between servers.

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