Banisher Faydai

A few people have spoken to me now about how they’d like to play Vanguard – but are weary of playing a game that may not last all that long. Or rather, are not keen on the idea of getting emotionally involved in a game that may or may not be on its last legs. I’ve always had an issue understanding this perspective because when you look at things long term, ALL games are on their last legs. Nothing lasts forever. We either move on, the games close down, or real life happens, or the next shiny comes along. To be reluctant of trying a game because this process may be quicker then we had expected just doesn’t compute in my mind. If you see it as a ‘waste of time’ to play a game that may shut down – why do you not see playing video games in general as a waste of time. Eventually, they all will shut down in one manor or another. There is an upside! You’ll be left with the great memories of that particular game, and they will always last. Do I spend time thinking about the state of the game when I play Vanguard? Nope. I don’t. I’m too busy having fun. It is not until afterward, when talking to others that I give it some thought. Will I be sad if the game shuts down? Of course I will. I’ll also be incredibly happy that I played it while it was around, and got to enjoy some wonderful memories of a game that is (in my opinion) one of the best out there. Even with the bugs. Besides, no one but the developers and folks actually working on the game know whether or not it’s close to shutting down. It’s all just speculation on the players side.


I didn’t do any adventuring yesterday, I worked on the banisher series of Artisan’s quests. I’ve done about 10 quests so far, and they’ve just hit the level 15-20 crafter range. Being a level 47 crafter means the combines are quite easy for me and the rewards are a little under what I’m already wearing for crafting gear. I’ve also gotten a lot of other useful items though while I work on the chain. I’ve gotten a few clickies (one being a gate to New Targonor), some diplomacy gear (all of it upgrades since I never had the luxury of starting on the Isle of Dawn), I’ve gotten a title (“Banisher”) and a lot of coin. My last quest rewarded 1g which is a LOT of money in Vanguard. As an indication, I’m sitting on roughly 1p 63g which is the most money I’ve ever had in game. The quests are all fun and have a unique story behind them. They reward a lot of experience despite my higher level in crafting (200,000 for the last one) and they’ve sent me from New Targonor over to Qalia. Yesterday I spoke with the Sultan and met his 12 wives. Now I’m doing missions for his engineer.

I do plan on creating a post just about the crafting aspect of Vanguard, since it’s complex and would make this post a lot longer then I had intended, so look for that later today. There’s also a large patch going in today. It’s to help resolve some of the lag that the server has been experiencing since the merge, as well as implement LiveGamer back on the server (remember, all servers started allowing RMT a year or so ago). Some people have asked if RMT has affected the game negatively. If you’re someone who pays more attention to what everyone else is doing, as opposed to what you are doing yourself, you may find a change. However, in all my time playing I have not. Guild mates openly talk about spending $20 for 20 plat in game, and since it’s not breaking any rules I have no issues with it. They’re entitled to play as they wish, just as I am. I haven’t purchased anything myself from LiveGamer, nor do I see myself doing so. That’s a personal choice, and not one I really have any strong feelings over one way or another.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself. Lately, I’ll see you in Telon!

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  1. Phil James says:

    I understand that as mmos are a huge time investment, many people don’t want to play one that may be cancelled soon. I feel that impending doom is a good reason to jump in and have a go – like travelling to a rain forest to see it before it vanishes. I’m tempted to resub to Vanguard to enjoy it before the lights go out.

    I used to hop in and out of Matrix Online. I love the IP and thought the game was enjoyable. Looking back, I wish I’d spent more time there before the plug was pulled. I always meant to get stuck into it, and now there are memories of the game that I’ll never have. Time to see Telon before it’s too late.

  2. Magson says:

    Almost you convince me to go back to station access and reload VG. But not quite. ;-)

    I beta’d VG and liked it well enough, but not enough that I wanted to take away from my EQ2 time. I installed it a year or so ago and started some characters, but none of them really grabbed me. I got a paladin to level 14 and liked it best of them, though the druid was rather fun too now that I think about it. Even so, it just didn’t hook me, so I eventually uninstalled it becuz my crappy pc at the time didn’t have enough HDD space and VG was eating up a ton of it that I could better use elsewhere.

    Someday I might go back, but… it may shut down before I do also. Who knows? If it’s there, I’ll play it, and if not…. I won’t actually think of it as much of a loss.

  3. Scopique says:

    Excellent point! I realize that people WANT to have a long-term goal, but as some wise men once said, “the point of a journey is NOT to arrive.”

  4. Yes, yes, yes! I will play. I’ll add station acess to my account come payday. Happy now? :P

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