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Vanguard crafting is as complex as any of the other spheres, and perhaps a bit more. There are literally thousands of items players can make, all of them different then the next item. This is done through materials like crystals and dusts that allow you to imbue particular properties to each piece. Some times multiples. Not only that, but each continent has it’s own style, which also affects the stats on an item. That’s a lot of combination options. A thestran style bow made with precision won’t look or act the same as a qalian bow with precision – and then instead of precision you can add something else. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Like all spheres, it’s perfectly acceptable to work on crafting and NOT be an adventurer or a diplomat. There are quests unique to the sphere, and a gear tab just for it. Players are not restricted by their adventure level. Because the game allows players to level up through quests and the completion of work orders, there’s no need to be a high level harvester to obtain levels. Work orders have two options, you can use your own supplies for a small boost in grade – or you can use supplies the NPC provides (except for fuel, which players must supply).

Crafting in Vanguard also differs from games like EQ2 in the fact that it’s not a timed process. You are able to step away at any time during the creation of an item to deal with real life. The basics are quite simple. You have a table. You load it with fuel and the basics for your combine. The table is pictured above. The ‘point’ is to get to the final stage before running out of action points – making it as high a grade as you can. Seems simple, right? Except complications pop up on the right hand side that also take fuel and action points to solve. Each stage has a choice of methods, they will either increase your grade, or your progress (within the stage, so you can move on to the next) or both. Each one takes different tools, and different fuel, and as you level up more choices open up to you. Above is a 5 stage item, and each stage has 2-5 choices that cost action points / fuel to move through them. If you run out of action points before you get to the final stage and complete your item, you fail the combine and lose your raw materials that you’ve placed on the table. Any fuel consumed is also lost.

Each player has a tab of crafting gear. The gear and its stats determine things like how difficult it will be for you to use your reasoning to solve a complication. How much your grade will improve by using a tool. How much you’ll work through a stage with the crafting machine you’re standing at. There are a LOT of skills involved, and thankfully there’s also a lot of quests that reward players with the supplies needed in order to make the crafting tasks a little easier.

Not only that but because each continent has its own style of craft that also means each tier has three quests for players to complete, one for each continent to learn the style for that continent. Last night working on the Artisan’s Saga I managed to move my blacksmith (weaponsmith) from level 16 to 21 – at 21 the apprentice style quests opened up to me so I was off to Martok to see what the npc wanted me to do.

Confusing? Sure is. That’s why there’s wonderful sites like that lists all of the quests, where to go, what NPCs you need. Crafting in Vanguard WITHOUT a guide of some sort is almost going to guarentee frustration right there.

I won’t even start getting into the crystal choices.. or the deal with sigils.. or yeah.

Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself. I’ll see you in Telon!

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  1. Magson says:

    I do admit to loving the VG crafting and wishing EQ2 had the same type. Ah well.

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