Yes, I’m a Dip(lomat)

Diplomacy is yet another sphere in Vanguard that levels up much like crafting and adventuring. While it doesn’t have quite as large an impact on the game as the other two spheres, it is a nice break away from doing the usual, and has some incredibly detailed stories. When the Artisan’s Saga was added to game there was also a diplomacy saga added, and though I haven’t gotten to working on it yet I’m incredibly excited.

This is one of the main pull factors for me, the fact that there is OTHER stuff to do when I don’t feel like crafting or adventuring. In Eq2 I can hunt for shinies, work on my house, mentor and explore lower level zones and any other number of things. In LotRo there’s crafting and harvesting, and a plethora of older content that I had out leveled that I love exploring. In WAR and WoW I found it difficult to find ‘things’ to do if I was not constantly moving forward in character progression through adventuring. In EVE there’s so much stuff to do it would take me all day to list it all.

What you choose to do in game is of course always up to you, the player. Games give us the guide lines for these things and then we run with them. Diplomat’s have the ability to put up outpost and city buffs through civic diplomacy which is one of the main reasons I enjoy working that sphere. Not to mention they get some pretty awesome perks like being able to help purchase guild halls, and helping on raids.

I’m hoping to start the diplomacy saga before too long, but it depends on how tied up I get in crafting and of course adventuring.

Last night I worked on more swamp armor upgrades. I’ve finished off the robe, legs, hat, and gloves. These pieces of gear will last for quite some time and I’m happy to have gotten the upgrades. Now to decide what to work on next!

Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself. I’ll see you in Telon!

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