I’m on a Boat

I own two boats in Vanguard, one is a sloop, perfect for shallow waters. It’s a dark blue, relatively small. Easy to maneuver once I figured out the commands to get on the ship and steer it. Of course that required me getting stuck IN the boat first. For those unfamiliar, when you approach the boat hit the U (basically the ‘use’ command) button and then once on the ship hit U again to begin steering the ship. In order to drop your boat into some water simply right click on the item in your inventory, while standing close to water. To un-summon the boat, simply click the item in your inventory again. When you drop it you won’t actually see it removed.

The second boat I own is a ship, no doubt about it. It’s a galleon, and it’s HUGE. Pictured above, that’s me sailing (or attempting to) around Aghram, Qalia. Because this ship is so large (I mean it’s really big, it has cabins and everything) it’s harder to maneuver and control. I still haven’t figured out if there is a ‘stop’ command. There probably is. For now stop = running into a dock. Literally.

Ships used to be a lot more ‘important’ in Vanguard before the revamp of the riftway system. Now they’re used mostly for show, boat races, and for fishing if that’s a skill you want to work up. There’s a lot of fun to be had with friends if you host a fishing party on your galleon for an afternoon and head out to the deep seas.  I was actually going to sell my galleon (they’re worth a fair amount) but after sailing it around Qalia I’ve decided to hang onto it.

These ships are built by players, in specific Artificers who have gone down the carpenter line. Each continent has a different style of ship, and they come in different colours. They require a lot of materials to build, and a lot of faction to learn, not to mention time completing quests to learn how to build these ships.

And now, the video that inspired this title.. (clean version)

3 Responses to I’m on a Boat

  1. Sisca says:

    The ships and diplomacy are the 2 things that keep me wanting to try and play Vanguard more, just wish I had more time.

  2. Ferrel says:

    I want a boat!

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