Visiting the Isle of Dawn (Again)

There are two main reasons I know of for starting over in a game. One, you’ve been away for so dang long you just don’t remember what you were doing or how to play any more, and two, you’ve got a friend who is going to start playing the game and instead of leaving them to wander on their own you decide to jump in and make sure the experience is at least a memorable one.My reasons for being on the Isle of Dawn last night happened to be the later, as a friend decided to return to Vanguard – though their reasons for starting on the Isle were because of the first one I mentioned, they had no idea how to play or what they were doing any more.

The Isle of Dawn had over 100 players on it, and it was really hard not to notice that. The entire game went down once for a few minutes (not long) and then for the rest of the evening we spent more time combating the lag then the mobs. If you happen to be leveling your way through the Isle of Dawn I implore you to stick it out through the lag. There is some lag once you get off the Island but it’s not nearly as bad as what you’ll experience while you’re there. Yes, Vanguard has bugs – but if you’re willing to see PAST those, you’ll be able to see the game for the gem it is. Don’t let them discourage you from playing.

I created a shaman, one of two healer classes that I’ve never played before (the second one being a cleric). Teamed with a monk (which is a dps class in Vanguard and not a tank class) we battled our way through every encounter and then finally made it to level 10 where we’re allowed to leave. I decided to stick around for a little while longer to work on my harvesting skills as well as crafting and diplomacy. The gear you get from these quests is really quite nice, not to mention there’s that mount I’d like from diplomacy.

Over all it was an alright evening. Pretty frustrating but I’ve played for long enough now that these things don’t actually phase me. I still enjoy Vanguard as much as I always have and I’m glad to add (yet another) alt to my army. I think I’m up to 8 characters now.

  • 50 Psionicist – Leatherworker
  • 51 Rogue – Armorer
  • 50 Disciple – Tailor
  • 47 Blood Mage – Mineralogist
  • 16 Bard – Carpenter
  • 18 Warrior – Weaponsmith
  • 15 Paladin
  • 10 Shaman

The psionicist is still my favorite character by far, and as you can see I have 1 of each crafter, though I’m debating also leveling up the paladin and the shaman as crafters, we’ll just have to see. There’s really no need for any more but I do love my crafting!

Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself. I’ll see you in Telon!

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