My First Vanguard Raid (Sort Of)

My new(ish) little shaman inched her way to level 11, joined a brotherhood with my 16 bard, and then promptly set out to the Tomb of Lord Tsang for no other reason then I absolutely love that particular area of quests. Especially once they get to the group versions. During the evening myself and a guild mate could not help but grow frustrated at the enormous amounts of lag we were experiencing. This one island seemed to have more lag then anywhere else we had been, and we couldn’t understand why.

Now, back when I was first playing this cave was filled with level 12-14 ‘small group’ mobs (three dot) – and as we discovered last night, it is no longer the case. All of that lag we were running into was a direct result of a giant raid force that was inside the cave, with a whole lot of six dot level 57 mobs (raid encounters) that I have never seen before. Forged Souls (I believe was the guild) were working on some encounter that I couldn’t quite see, and I didn’t want to get any closer for fear of 1. getting agro (I was level 13 by that time after all) and 2. interrupting a raid. Remember, nothing in Vanguard is instanced, even the Ancient Port Warehouse has ‘shards’ which multiple guilds can enter but is not instanced in the traditional sense. It was really neat to see, and certainly cleared things up.

Questing for the evening meant I was 50% to level 14, and new spells (every two levels in Vanguard). The bard also got a level (offline) in the brotherhood, and is now 17. I’m debating whether or not I want to make some gear and weapons, or just continue on as I have been. I imagine since it takes me a little longer then normal to level (due to the brotherhood) I may just make a few bits.

Don’t forget this weekend is bonus xp weekend, and it lasts until Tuesday. This goes for all three spheres, so take advantage of it! I know I will be. Happy gaming, and I’ll see you in Telon!

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