Some Good (and Bad) Experiences

This weekend (until Tuesday in fact) Vanguard has a bonus experience going on for all three spheres. The game has been incredibly busy, with people everywhere. Most of my experiences with this have been positive, after all Nomadic Gamers (the guild) is now 15 strong, with only 8 of those being my own characters (that’s a feat, trust me). There have been a few negative experiences as well. The lag, for one. Then yesterday there was a player who decided to tell me I should “log off and hang myself” because I politely asked them to please not kill my mobs from outside of my group.

I suppose that may have been a petty thing to request them to stop doing (and I worded it as such, I said please and everything there was no malice intended) but I have a little pet peeve with people who just suddenly jump into my encounter and start “helping” me when I’ve not requested any help. I don’t know if anyone else feels that way, but I certainly do and I have since EQ days. First of course they decided to call me an “ungrateful lout” which amused me more then anything. However, telling a person they should commit suicide outside of the game is not an idea that rests well with me, even if it was in some sort of sick humor.

The encounter was only one of two negative experiences I can remember (from players that is) in the month since I have returned. It’s a reminder that it does not matter what game you play, some times there are still “those” people out there who are bent on making your experience a bad one. I didn’t let it ruin my day after all what would be the point.

With the bonus experience in full swing I managed to get a lot (and I do mean a lot) done. My weaponsmith is sitting mid way through level 27, after grinding out a few levels while I watched LOST last night (I just finished watching season three. This is the first time I’ve ever watched any of the episodes and I find it quite confusing but also interesting to watch). Players are always asking channels if crafting is profitable, if the gear is worth it. To this I have to say yes, yes, yes. I make the majority of my money through crafting. Last night was no different as I put a few weapons up for sale to see how they’d do. The characters in the brotherhood also did incredibly well. My bard managed to hit level 19 without me playing her. The shaman is 16. I chose bear as my ‘spec’ and obtained new spells that align myself towards a ‘tank’ spec. It also helps out my group, so I was pretty excited about that.

I hope everyone else has also had an enjoyable weekend so far. Monday is a holiday here in Canada, and I’m looking forward to doing nothing but riding my bike, and gaming. Tuesday I’ll be off to the newly revamped Museum of Nature, which I’m very excited about. Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself, I’ll see you in Telon!

2 Responses to Some Good (and Bad) Experiences

  1. Mlbdude says:

    Hey there! I have been reading your blog for some time now as we seem to have very similar tastes concerning MMO’s. My wife and I have decided to come out of our MMO hibernation (played EQ2 for several years) and give Vanguard a real go after hearing all the good things about it from you. I was wondering how your guild was going? Do you allow new players in there?

  2. Olphas says:

    Sometimes it’s unbelievable what people do and say when they can hide behind an avatar. I had my fair share of those encounters, mostly in WoW, very rarely in my time with EQ2. Thank Goodness there are a lot of decent people, too. And I’m happy to say that I made a lot of friends, even beyond the game itself. I learned in time to just fade out the jerks who seem to revel in destroying peoples chance of having fun in a game.

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