Enjoying The Bonus Experience

This weekend has been bonus experience weekend and WOW what a great time in Vanguard I’ve had. First of all, the guild is growing quite a bit more then I had thought it would – which is great. For those who are reading and may be interested, the guild is recruiting but you should be aware that we are more of a social gathering place then a guild that actually does anything together. Chatter? Yes, lots of it. But as far as grouping and organizing things, I’ll leave it to other guilds. If that still doesn’t scared you away then by all means feel free to track me down in game and talk about an invite. We don’t bite. Well, most of us.

I managed to inch my shaman to level 18, the bard level 20. Since I haven’t actively been playing the bard in order for her to level (she’s just been off line leveling with the brotherhood) their gear is incredibly poor. Something I’ll need to work on. I also wanted to be able to level the blacksmith, and I got her from 25 to 31 in a few hours. Thankfully Vanguard crafting doesn’t require a whole lot of attention devoted to it, so I watched movies on the laptop while I grinded away at work orders. Level 31 means I begin working on initiate level recipes, something I’ve really been looking forward to. Once the blacksmith hits level 45 or so I’ll switch over to the outfitter and hopefully make my way to 45 on that character. Once all three ‘main’ classes are at 45 they can at least all make parts for one another which means I open up a lot more options as far as crafting rares. I do still have big plans of eventually having all 6 crafting classes at 45+ but whether or not that will actually happen, I’m not sure.

How did everyone else spend their weekend? I hope it was a lot of fun. Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself, and I’ll see you in Telon!

3 Responses to Enjoying The Bonus Experience

  1. Amuntoth says:

    First off I love the blog. Second what do you think of Vanguard overall at this point? I know at first it can be pretty confusing, what with the three different types of XP and everything. I never got past that in the trial, what about you?

  2. Magson says:

    For my weekend, I joined a nullsec corp in EVE and started moving my stuff out to my new home. I also familiarized myself with the area, got a PI assignment which I spent last night and some of this morning ramping up so that full production can begin tomorrow, learned where the jump bridges all are and learned the lesson the hard way that you reallllllllly want to carry some jump fuel with you at all times, in case the bridges aren’t stocked.

  3. Endelon says:

    I spoke with you last night about joining your guild but we then found out that trial accounts can’t join guilds. I played for a few more hours after I talked to you and decided I’d like to be able to see more than the starting island so I ordered the game from Amazon. If any of your reader’s are interested in trying it out, new copies of Vanguard are there for about 7 dollars (including shipping). I also noticed they still have collector’s editions (30 dollars). Just figured I’d pass it along.

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