Where to Level (15-18)

You may remember that I posted not that long ago on where to level from 10-15 (right after you leave the Isle of Dawn). Well, now my shaman is inching closer to 19, and I’ve got a whole selection of new areas to quest in. For those who are concerned, there is LOTS of solo content in Vanguard. Plus, the population really is doing quite well right now, and there are groups everywhere. The two main quest chains people always seem to be are URT (United Races of Thestra) and HL (Hunter’s League) which I also mentioned in the previous post. These quests will give you amazing armor upgrades, and URT can be done mostly solo. HL requires a group. I have decided this time around to stay away from these two quests, as I always do them. Even though I’m in a brotherhood with a total of four characters, my shaman has still been leveling at a nice steady rate. I expect this to decrease after today with the bonus experience wrapping up, but it sure has been nice.

Where do you go from here? Once again the Rift Keepers show me a plethora of options:

  • Kaon’s Rush – In Thestra
  • Evendusk Fortress – (Never been here, no idea where it is)
  • Ksaravi Gulch – (Again never been here)
  • Misthaven Crossing – (In Thestra, this area is full of vampires, and dark spooky forests, I love this area)
  • Renton Keep – (Thestra, where you’ll find URT missions)
  • Silverlake – (Thestra, and around the area where you will find a mount quest for a unicorn)
  • Skrawla Point – (Qalia, this is where HL quests can be found)

Not to mention the fact that I’m still w0rking on quests from the previous mentioned areas. In specific the Jin’Ka Forest, which is where the Tomb of Lord Tsang is located. There’s a few awesome quests in this area and one rewards a really neat weapon. I’m not sure if I’ll actually manage to finish it, but I hope so. Tomb of Lord Tsang is the first open dungeon I ever did in Vanguard, way back at release. I obviously have some pretty nostalgic views of it and can’t wait to go back.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Tuesday. Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself, and I’ll see you in Telon!

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