Crafting my Own Gear

Taking a break from leveling yesterday, I decided that a leatherworker would be far more valuable to me right now then a tailor (both are branched off of the outfitter in crafting). I have a bard and a shaman that I’m leveling up, they each use medium (leather) armor. Everyone has the ability to change not only their entire crafting procession in Vanguard (this reduces your level down to 1 and removes any crafting recipes you have earned) but also change their crafting arch type if you’d rather do that instead. Doing this leaves you with the levels you’ve already obtained – but – you have to ‘fix’ your skills.You also lose your recipes.

What exactly does this mean? Well at level 11 you chose a subclass. In most cases that means you also click on the negative sign next to the opposite subclass. You go to the skills tab under crafting and click on the plus sign next to your own. Then when you do work orders you make sure they’re for the right subclass. For me in particular, that means switching from 198 points in tailoring (I’m level 19) to 198 points in leatherworking. That meant failing work order after work order and watching the points slowly decrease from tailoring and increase in leatherworking. It took the better part of an afternoon, and I’m glad I wasn’t too much higher then level 19 or it would have taken even longer.

Once that was FINALLY done, I decided it was time to make a set of gear for the bard to wear. She’s been wearing stuff from the isle of dawn, which is great until 15 or so and then you’ll want to wear something else. I had completed the URT quests for both boots and gloves, but am reluctant to get caught in that ‘loop’ where all I do are those quests again. So I crafted myself a set of rare gear, and imbued it with a healing bonus. The joys of the massive crafting system in Vanguard, you can customize your gear pretty well.

Since crafting in Vanguard is so complicated, it really makes you take a lot of pride in what you’re creating. Now that I’m wearing four pieces of gear, with a fifth piece on the way as soon as I hit 20 I’m quite pleased. I just need to get some more tailoring levels so that I can continue to make my own gear.

The guild is doing very well, we had another recruit join us last night and while we’re not the largest guild out there it’s still nice to see new players in the game. Fan Faire starts tomorrow, and while I’m not holding my breath at any Vanguard news I am tentatively waiting to see if we learn anything new about the game. We’ll just have to see!

Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself, I’ll see you in Telon!

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