Adrid, The Mace of Sorrow (and Other Quests)

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of finishing off a major quest line and FINALLY getting that item you worked so hard for. Vanguard has this feeling in spades, and it’s great. For the better part of yesterday Nomadic Gamers between the levels of 20-22 worked on the weapon chain that you find at the Tomb of Lord Tsang. Pictured above is my new shiny mace (with particle effects!) as well as a shield that comes with it (also shiny). It’s called Adrid, The Mace of Sorrow and there’s a fantastic walk through up on vgwalkthroughs. While the site is not especially up to date any more it gives players a good basis on group quests they can work on if they wish and it also lists a fair amount of solo quests. Although the Tomb of Lord Tsang has been my favorite dungeon for as long as I can remember, I have actually never finished the weapon quest before. This was my first time, which only added to the euphoric feelings.

My shaman is now sitting comfortably at level 22, almost 23. There’s bonus experience going on this weekend which really helps out. I decided that I’m really the sort of person who enjoys working on all three spheres, so I managed to inch my diplomacy to level 13, and my crafting to 11. I’ve gone the rout of the tailor, not because it will help me out in any special way but because it’s the one crafter I had below level 20 out of the 6 available.

I’m looking forward to spending most of this weekend in Trengal Keep, working on a chain of quests available there. I’m also interested in the Panther Illusion Mask that you can begin working on at level 24. This mask has an ability called Illusion: Panther. It turns your character into a panther for one hour, and gives you a 20% run speed (does not stack) as well as a 5% attack speed buff. Since my bard is in the brotherhood still, she’s inched her way (while off line) to level 23, which I really like. It’s nice to know I’ll have another character option available when I’m bored of playing the shaman (though that hasn’t come up yet).

Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself. I’ll see you in Telon!

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