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As I mentioned previously, there is a small lack of content between levels 25-30 or so. Trengal Keep, CIS, and Hunter’s League are the three suggestions, and I haven’t found too much else for these levels (although there is also the unicorn and shadow hound mount). With the bonus experience over I was a little worried about how long leveling would take – I didn’t have anything to worry about. Last night Hampooj (Dread Knight) and myself as Velours (Shaman) headed to Trengal Keep to progress the chain there. After an evening of slowly making our way through the ruins, I managed to ding 27 and part way through, and Hampooj found himself at 28 (new spells, woot). As a shaman, starting at level 15 we have a choice of three patrons. One is a bear, the other a wolf, and the final one a phoenix. I had been using the bear form (pictured above, don’t I make a wonderful panda) for quite some time. It is a ‘tank’ patron, giving me a boost to mitigation and the like. It also focuses on some melee skills, and dps group buffs. I decided due to the smaller group make up that Nomadic Gamer usually runs with (it’s typically Hampooj, myself, and Kanad who plays a wolf shaman) it would probably be beneficial to go down the ‘healer’ line, which boosts things like regen. Since our groups are three people, they typically take a little while to kill encounters, and regen is really nice.

The down side to choosing the phoenix line is that it puts me in a constant state of levitation. If you’ve ever dealt with lev in VG you know how annoying that can be, because not only are you levitating, but you act as though you are constantly walking on ice, skidding to and from every step you take. I thought perhaps my panther illusion would negate this, but instead I just turned into a floating panther. Ah well.

I’m eager to get to 30 and have more zones open up. Some of my favorite quest chains are in those level ranges, and it’s only a hop skip jump away from level 40+ and from there 50+. Then of course there’s crafting and diplomacy to raise – and the alts.Pretty sure I’ll focus on crafting first.

I’ve really been having a great time exploring Vanguard again, and I can’t wait to see what area I’ll be off to next. Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself, and I’ll see you in Telon!

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  1. Entrails_770 says:

    I’ve always struggled in the twenties as there is a def lack of solo content

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