Nomadic Gamers Take to the Seas

Boats are an amazing part of Vanguard, and even if you don’t plan on using one, simply owning one is a sign of prestige. There are three types of ships in game, sloops (the smallest) caravels (pictured above) and galleons (massive gigantic ships). Each one can perform a different role, as in they can each wade out into the open waters at a different depth. They’re great for fishing off of and simply having fun. Yesterday happened to be a guild mates birthday, and so I purchased a caravel for them as a gift. The screen shot above is us headed to a quest destination which happened to be on an island off of the northern point in Qalia. It was a great little ride, and I’m glad he likes the gift. Ships remind me a lot of housing in Vanguard, they’re not instanced, and if you leave your boat some place others can see it and until you remove it it’s a physical item in the real world. To me that’s a key selling point in Vanguard.

The shaman hit 28! Part way through to 29. I wasn’t expecting to level last night as I spent the majority of my time working on grey hunter’s league quests for the bp and leg upgrades. Level I did though. I attempted to gather masks for the final weapon quest (which is a 2h weapon for shaman – never used a 2h before and I’m not sure if I want to start now) but it took forever and before I knew it my eyes were closing and it was time for bed.

On the plus side I’m almost into the next ‘tier’ of quests, and I’m excited about visiting some new areas to level up in. Hopefully Kanad solves his problems crashing and our guild meets up this weekend for some more adventures. I’m also hoping we see another bonus xp weekend – although that’s just me being selfish as we’ve had a few now and I shouldn’t expect them. It’s just so much easier to level when you’re earning 2x the experience. Especially for crafting and diplomacy.

Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself – I’ll see you in Telon!

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