Unforgettable Quests

Since a lot of players are reluctant to spend any time reading through quests these days, it’s rare that we come across one that causes us to pause and go ‘woah, wait a second.’ – but there’s a few quests in Vanguard I’ve found that do just that. Pictured above is Velours, my innocent shaman. Well, she used to be innocent. See that rather shady looking peasant standing behind her? That is a dazed (and crazed) farmer. She lured him out of a field (filled with other farmers, and a few demon like creatures) and she’s taking him over to that innocent looking windmill up ahead. No doubt she promised him some better pants (his are quite obviously in rags) and maybe the chance to see his long lost relatives. Either way, the farmer didn’t put up any resistance at all.

Here we are inside of the windmill. See those chunks of meat on the ground? Yep. That’s our farmer. Not only did ‘innocent’ Velours have to lure the farmer to this windmill, but she had to hack him into four large pieces, and then stuff those pieces in the grinder that you see off to the left. Now, maybe you could excuse hacking up just one farmer. But no. I had to do this three times. Once I did it a third time, I had to gather all of the evidence inside that grinder (ew) and place it in a barrel (off to the right) so that I wouldn’t be caught.

Now of course there was a back story to this quest. I’m not evil after all but apparently the farmers were. I was saving a town by doing this (or so I was told) – and had to hide the evidence because of COURSE the towns people are not going to approve of this method of disposal. Why could I not just be rid of them the ‘regular’ way? Not sure, something about possessed minions and they’d probably just come back to life or some such.

This is a quest that I will not ever forget. It wasn’t particularly news worthy in the NPC dialog, but the actions of the quest were just so bizarre and so out there and weird compared to the usual “Kill X of Y creatures” and “Collect 10” quests that I had been doing, that it made me stop and just crack up laughing (I never claimed that I was sane).

I doubt I’m the only person who has ever had this experience, and I doubt this is the only quest that has ever elicited that result. Are there any unforgettable quests that you’ve completed over your gaming life time? Let me know in comments!

Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself – I’ll see you in Telon!

6 Responses to Unforgettable Quests

  1. Entrails_770 says:

    I’d have to say that I’ve never forgotten that quest as it was just so different to usual quests lol

  2. stargrace says:

    Chances are you will see us, as I’m a day time player and so are a few of our other Nomadic Gamers :D

  3. Dril says:

    I am planning to join you guys once I settle on a character (well actually I just went with my DK, Drilmir); the only problem I foresee is that I’m playing from the UK so I might never actually see any of you online :(

  4. stargrace says:

    @Dril – Teehee, glad you’ve decided to come back for at least a month! Feel free to look up Nomadic Gamers in game, though we’re a social casual guild more then anything else, if you’ve any questions feel free to ask. As far as the screen shots, professional no – but I did take photography in school, and I do spend a lot of my time behind my camera. Maybe professional one day. For now it’s just a hobby of mine. ;)

  5. Dril says:

    Wow…that’s brutal ^^ I dug out my old VG DVDs (turns out I didn’t sell them after all) and subscribed after reading this and the screenies last post. Are you actually a professional photographer or is it just a hobby? You’re seriously good at making me want to subscribe to things because of your screenies.

  6. Scopique says:

    Haha. I remember that quest. I has kind of horrified, but in a good way; that they actually included a quest that required you to grind up your human targets…

    There’s another one in VG, more early on, where you have to kidnap representitives of various races for a necromancer or somesuch. He wants them for slaves, but each race failes to work out for him, so he has you dispose of them by throwing them over the edge of a bridge…after which they come back from the dead to take their revenge on YOU for your participation in the process :D I loved that quest.

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