Ding 30 – Time for New Adventures!

The shaman managed to reach level 30 last night, after some very painful adventuring in River Valley. There is a significant lack of content from 25-30 or so, and I was incredibly happy to have hit this level. Now more quest areas open up, and some pretty neat quest chains. I was hoping we’d have another double experience weekend but so far that looks like it won’t be happening – at least not this weekend.Ah well, I’ll just have to level the ‘regular’ way!

I spent some time working on my harvesting skills which are far behind where they should be. That’s the only downside with my leveling, I’ve neglected other things like diplomacy and crafting. Not THAT big of a deal but a minor annoyance. I’m enjoying the shaman quite a bit although I also noticed there are a LOT of them in game, and I’m not quite sure why. Every zone I go to typically has a larger amount of shaman then any other class. When I reach the levels that my other characters are currently sitting at (47 for the blood mage for example) I may switch over. We’ll just have to see.

In the mean time, I expect a pretty fun weekend gaming. I have some regular chores to take care of but other then that it should be uneventful. Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself, and I’ll see you in Telon!

2 Responses to Ding 30 – Time for New Adventures!

  1. stargrace says:

    Naw, there are other hybrid classes out there. Paladins also do a great job of healing / tanking, and every healer comes with different stances that do different things. I don’t really think they can do everything, tanking is pretty difficult if you’re not actually a tank or snare kiting mobs. Could be though!

  2. Dril says:

    Are they the only real hybrid class? I can see them being popular if that’s the case since they can do everything and let people respec rather than reroll. On a related note, I rerolled to a Disciple; the lack of healing on the DK really got to me around level 8 :(

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