Festival Of the Sands

If you play on Antonia Bayle (and these days it seems like almost everyone does) you’ve probably heard of two large player run festivals. One is the Festival of Unity, and the other is the Festival of Discord. This year, a third festival has made it into the play list. The Festival of the Sands. It takes place from August 15th to the 21st in Sinking Sands, and has even had some help with setting up thanks to one Gnobrin.

I decided to go to the opening ceremonies last night, and while there was not quite as large a turn out as I have seen for the previous festivals, it was still a sight. The week is split up into numerous events – and if you’re interested in meeting some fellow role players I highly suggest you check it out.

Sunday, August 15, 2010
Remembrance of the First Sultan and Founding of the City

Blessing of Ro and Opening Ceremony
Location: Fires of Ro
Sponsor: Rhana
4:00 CST

Battle of the Bards
Location: Poet’s View
Sponsor: Sihayya
5:00 CST

So You Think You Can Belly Dance

Location: Poet’s View
Sponsor: Hipolita and Meridyth
6:30 CST

Wishing Well
Sponsor: Tregarde
9:00 CST

You can find a calendar with a list of events, as well as a map of locations on their web site. Player run events like these take a lot of work to pull off, and I really appreciate the guilds that are working to put it together. If you’ve never attended a festival like this before I highly suggest you take a peek. They’re always a LOT of fun!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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