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I love how different games are – despite the fact that the term “WoW Clone” gets used fairly often, I happen to think there are a lot less clones then we may think. I’ve been playing a lot of Vanguard, and that’s slightly on the back burner again as I dip my toes into World of Warcraft and EVE Online. Without getting into a lot of personal details, lets just say that I’m not exactly pleased with the approach that sony has taken concerning EQ2X and the decisions they’ve made that seem to bring it closer to that ‘WoW clone’ – if I wanted to play WoW, well. I would. So I am. I talk a lot about supporting the things you enjoy, and voting with your wallet. It pains me a little that I haven’t even really played EQ2 for a few months now. A game that I spent more then 5 years in and have met a lot of fantastic people. I just feel that the changes that have been happening don’t coincide with what I want from the game. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against RMT, or cash shops or F2P (though in most cases you almost always end up paying). What I am against is a game that I’ve been playing one way for so long suddenly changing and deciding they want to be a different game. Silly? Maybe. It’s just how I feel. Anyhow, enough of that rant.

In WoW I’m making the climb to 80, and managed to get my little warlock to 63 yesterday running dungeons with Toargo, a fantastic warrior. My rough ‘goal’ is a level a day until I hit 70, and then I know it will slow down and I’ll take it from there. I’ve also been working on a little crafting (engineering) and some cooking and first aid as well as fishing. In WoW these are skills that make my ‘toon’ feel more like a ‘character’ and give it life. In Eq2 it would be decorating a home, and working on achievements.

Like I mentioned above, I’ve also paired my WoW gaming with EVE Online, a drastically different type of game. I’ve been doing a LOT there, but I’m going to save it for another post (moahaha). What was everyone else up to this weekend? Let me know in comments! As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself.

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  1. Lysari says:

    I worked for a bit on the Raki Ranger and then realized that we really needed a healer instead and that as usual I’m terrible at DPS/Tanking. So I rolled a Raki Disciple also and worked her up to almost off the island. Just need diplomacy before I go wandering into the wider world.

  2. Dril says:

    Away from MMOs :P I was doing a lot of RP on Warcraft 3 (yes, really) and considering whether or not I could renew my WoW sub and get anything out of it, this late in the expansion (and leveling another alt is not something I want to do with Cata looming.) But we’ll see. I got annoyed with Vanguard after it wiped all the changed it made to my UI on Friday, and basically haven’t logged in since then (it’s petty, but I spent about 2 hours getting everything where I liked it earlier in the week and the wipe just really annoyed me.) So, yeah.

    Also, I never knew that people called () those things parentheses. I’ve always known the actual character as brackets, and their effect as parenthesis.

  3. Ryver says:

    My weekend? Playing some WoW again. Pushed my Druid (highest char) to 72. Another 2 months and I might just hit 80 ;)

  4. Magson says:

    Come to Null! Much more fun out here (and it’s really as safe as hi-sec, if you’re paying attention).

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