Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Lately, in EVE Online I have a little bit of everything going on. First of all I closed down my 2nd account. I just couldn’t justify the cost of keeping the second account open when all I was doing was hauling for my main account and the odd mission here and there. Not a big deal – well. In one regard it was sort of a big deal. See, that account was also what I considered my “PvE” account, had trained to fly a Dominix and had a pretty good set of skills towards using drones. My main account has trained industry for the most part. Now I’m trying to catch her up to the 2nd account. I absolutely loved my Dominix, so I’m training to fly one of those again. I’m 2 days away. I’ve also got myself a new imicus fit for probing, so I can begin my wurmhole exploration once more. Soon as I get a cloaking device. Eventually I want to upgrade that to a Helios, but that’s further down the road.

Once I have my Dominix I can go back to a combination of combat and mining missions. I’m far behind in those currently, spending most of my brief time in game working with my R&D agents and crafting. Oh, and PI of course (which I suppose technically is a form of crafting).

I’ve got a fairly constant round of invention going at a little base I’ve set up. At that same base I’m doing manufacturing, and my R&D agents happen to also be in that system. Then there’s PI, which I check in on once a day. I really wish there were some sort of mass extract button, Because right now I have 84 set up and scanning them all one at a time to set their resources is a huge waste of time. The money makes it worth it, but still – annoying!

I’ve really got a little bit of everything going on. With the manufacturing bits finished I make a weekly run to Jita to sell my goods and see if there are any deals that I want to take advantage of (which is where I got the imicus, and the dominix). There are still a lot of skills I need to train up, but I’m trying to make sure I have a good combination of everything. Of course corp is still diligently working away on getting that POS one day too. It feels like a dream just out of reach, we’ll see how it goes.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Magson says:

    Nice to see an update on your EVE! My corp’s been wardecced, so we’re all “staying safe in null.” I do PI daily, since I’m a designated P4 builder, and I really wish I had an available plasma planet in my alliance’s sovereign systems. I’m very jealous of that one in your screenie.

    I think it’s kinda fun to see your corp is working toward a POS. Mine is working toward a full outpost :D But yeah, in my small hisec corp we talked about setting up a POS, so I know right where you’re at.

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