Getting Over My LFD Fears

The warlock is 66, and working her way through Burning Crusade. I like this expansion better then the basic game, but less then wrath. I’m eager to hit 68 which is when I’ll be able to head to Wrath areas finally, and since I’ve got a level 80 already I can purchase the heirloom flying manual and fly from the start. After 5+ years I am finally over my fear of WoW PUGs (pick up groups, for those who are not gamers). Just because I’m playing a DPS role doesn’t mean that I’m exactly guilt free. It’s my job to make sure that the healer has a soul stone on them at all times, I also have to watch how much DPS I do so that I don’t gank. I need to make sure I don’t accidentally wipe the group by doing any number of random dumb accidental things. It’s not as involved as a healer or a tank, but I’ve still got things to do.

Now that I’m getting over my fear of running the LFD tool, I think with time I’ll feel more confident playing the healer in instances as well. Having two drastically different classes at level 80 is a nice feeling (even though I’m not 80 yet, it’ll come). When I’m ready for a little excitement I’ll switch back to the healer. Maybe once I learn the zones on a DPS class I’ll feel more confident about doing them on the priest.

Ah yes. Forgot about that EVE post I wanted to do! That’s next on my list..

Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. kaozz says:

    Everyone has a job but dps is pretty easy. Basically you will find that you have a rotation and you will stick to this when you are instancing to maximize dps. Really, at this point in time for instances, that’s all this game is with the LFD. It really won’t vary (depending on spec) and once you get use to it you won’t really worry about much else (threat- Omen add on helps, not stepping in the fire and so on but that’s easy). At this point in time there is not much need for CC and the lock is ranged which is a bit more laid back than doing melee dps.

    Personally I enjoy healing the most, but on the Druid. I found the priest class did not mesh well with me for healing. The Druid is cruise control and really fun. I still dps on my hunter which is fun too for a change. With the priest, it does get easier as you gain better gear and right now it’s easier than ever to gear up it just takes a little big of time, nothing compared to how it has been in the past. Also at 80 you want to make sure you’re specced right, gemmed right, enchanted right and so on. All of this can make things much easier on you.

    For the lock rotation you might want to check out the forum stickies and see what a good rotation is. While you don’t have all your spells it will give you a feel for what you need to be doing. Just thought I’d toss a few things out to you that maybe might help you along the way. WoW is very linear right now this will change with Cata, for now it’s an easy time to learn your class a bit. Good Luck.

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