Warlock Particulars

After flying through 1-69 (almost literally, it took me less then a week) 70+ just crawls by. I’m wearing two pieces of heirloom gear which grants me a 20% bonus to kills and quests, but things still seem to have slowed an incredible amount. Expected I suppose, no one wants their game content to be THAT quick. I’ve been aiming for a level a day on the warlock and so far it’s working out pretty well. She’s sitting at a comfortable level 73, hopefully by the end of today that will be 74. I experimented with my talents a little yesterday, trying to find something comfortable to use. I’ve chosen to dual spec for some pretty obvious reasons. I have the destruction spec for single target dps and moderate AoE dps. This is great for questing, or moderate dps in instances. Then I’ve also got an affliction spec, which is not *really* affliction because it’s 38/33/0 – it’s pretty balanced. This spec focuses on me spamming seed of destruction, and works fantastic for AoE encounters. My highest parse at 72 was a little over 7k, and in instances this is great – except not EVERY encounter is a group encounter. On single targets my dps is abysmal at best. Mages still out-parse me right now, but I’m looking for ways to change that.Why do I care about any of this? Well I take pride in my character, and doing as well as I possibly can. I know everyone plays their own way but I like to think I know my class for whatever game I happen to be playing to the best of my ability.

I was discouraged by the slow moving xp bar, so I contemplated moving back towards the shaman, or even leveling up that druid or paladin I’ve started – but in the end I decided I would simply tough it out on the warlock. After all I really enjoy the class, just not the grind to ‘end game’.

I also managed to get my crafting (engineering in the warlock’s case) to 200! I’ve decided to go the rout of Goblin Engineer, and I’m looking forward to some of the neat items they can make.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend no matter where you found yourself! Happy gaming!

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  1. Dril says:

    @Green: I agree with nearly all of your comment, apart from the last bit. The last thing you want to do at this stage is abandon an alt in the mid-seventies. One week becomes two, which becomes a month etc etc. A steady rate of 1 level/day is nothing to scoff at; I’ve done about 3 in 12 hours with full rested and non-stop questing; as long as you keep going at a steady pace you’ll be there before you know it.

  2. The exp curve in Northrend really drags if you run out of rested exp, which I’m guessing you have if you’re moving that quickly. Running dungeons also helps burn through rested exp faster, because it increases the proportion of your exp that comes from mob kills (like EQ2 vitality, rested exp in WoW doesn’t affect quest turnins). My personal advice would be to walk away for a week or so. If you park at 75, a full rest bar will get you most or all of the way to the cap (especially since you’ll have new dungeons and dungeon quests open for the home stretch).

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