A Nice Pair of.. Assets.

Quests that morph you into some other race for a given amount of time are great. Over the years I’ve been practically everything, and the only down side to this is that they very rarely take my characters sex into consideration. I have been transformed into a male more times then I can remember, in other words. It was incredibly nice to come across this quest last night that turned my entire group into massive blue women, for once. Pictured above is myself smushing my flying mount, as well as Toargo – who has a wonderful set of assets. Ah, and his pug, of course. Can’t forget the pug. I want one of those so bad.

As others suggested I’ve been sticking it out with the warlock, attempting to gain one level a day (if I get more that’s just a bonus, but it’s happened so rarely I don’t expect it) through questing. A sure indication that I’m really (really) enjoying the warlock is the number of quests she’s completed. For a little break I decided to do some fishing in the Dalaran sewers yesterday and managed to fish up the giant rat companion. Another achievement obtained. Since WoW lacks housing, I’ve been working on finding other methods to personalize my characters. To make them more then just ‘toons’ and turn them into more personal characters. Minxes (my warlock) has decided she has a thing for the vanity pets that you can obtain in game. My collection so far is slightly over 25, adding the phoenix from the heroic magister’s terrace the day before yesterday. They serve no real purpose but they are fun to collect.

That all being said – the warlock is 77, and almost 78. Sticking with the leveling is paying off, and questing instead of trying to dungeon grind is certainly the way to go from 71+.

Now if only I could find a talent build that I enjoy more then the others. I’ve tried a LOT of different builds, and have no idea which one is ‘best’ for PvE dungeons at level 80. Right now I’ve taken a Seeds of Corruption spec that works on AoE damage, and it’s a 38/33/0 spread between affliction and demonology. I know a lot of warlocks go 0/13/51 in destruction, but for some reason I just can’t seem to pull off the parses with that talent spread. With the one I’m using, on 3+ targets I’m usually around 4-7k and around 1k on single targets (at level 77 mind you). I guess I’ll just keep experimenting until I find a spread that works for me.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Aliesthan says:

    I’m currently leveling a Warlock too and our level are quite similar. (5% from lvl 78)
    The spec i’d found most interesting and doing quite a lot of damage in dungeons is the good old Affliction tree. Puttin all my dots and spamming shadow bolt until i have to refresh the dot, i’ve been able to reach 2k dps on single targets. For AoE just spam-tab Seed of Corruption.

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