Questing with 500 of your Closest Friends

One thing I really miss from my EQ days is that feeling of “wow, this is bigger then us”. Those raids that involved people from all over the server, joining together for a better cause. Yesterday, I briefly felt this again in WoW, and it was a lot of fun. There’s a new world event in game and while I typically praised only EQ2 for having live events, that has changed. In this event you’re sent to take down one very specific character, and take back the Echo Isles (for the horde at least). There’s a series of quests that lead up to an eventual attack and it was a LOT of fun. Especially since this is open to everyone on that same portion of the quest, as the screen shot depicts above (we’re all charging into battle). It was a great time even though I had to turn off channels because – well. Because.

I was slightly disappointed with the rewards only because one was a cloak and since WoW has no appearance slots it’s not something I’d ever wear. I’d much rather a tabard to add to my collection, or a shirt. It was still a good time, and I was glad to have gained yet another achievement.

Speaking of collections, I’ve been working on the pet achievement. I own 43/50 so far, and I’m quickly approaching the final rank. Of course that meant browsing through the broker and purchasing absolutely every pet I could afford, but it was worth it (to me of course, I’m sure others think I’m insane).

The warlock is 20 emblems away from purchasing her 75 emblem hat, and I’m excited about that. It’ll be nice to have a meta slot, and have a full ‘set’ of gear although I still need to work on my other slots like jewelery. That will come in time. I’ve also had a good time working on my factions, and simply enjoying the game.

On a completely unrelated note, LotRO has gone F2P, and you can find me on the Landroval server if any of you plan on checking it out. Let me know who you’re there as, so I can add to friends! Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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  1. Yogi says:

    There used to be a day back in Vanilla that those types of scenes were a regular occurrence. At some point they decided that content that required a large number of players to organize and coordinate was bad. It was good for guild raiding but took away a lot of the epicness of said encounters. I agree with you on the rewards. I think that Blizzard should really work at some of their cosmetic options. The few pieces that there are, really seem to get grabbed up quick. When ‘Precious’ the hound in ICC drops the unique Best in Show tabard, people want it badly. The time I got it a lot of people were bummed and seemed generally wishful that it had been them. There is a desire in the player base for more of these types of rewards.

    Glad you are having fun with the game :D

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