A Pug for my PUGs.

Ever since Toargo began taunting me with his pug pet, I knew I wanted one. It wasn’t that easy though, especially not for one as impatient as me. The pet is obtained by grouping and completing heroic dungeons with 100 random players. Number one, I tend to group with my guild mates and this reduces the number of pug players in every LFD run. Number two, actually FINISHING a pug can be an annoyance in itself. Every time I landed in The Oculus half the group would instantly leave. I have no idea why, this dungeon is one of the easiest to beat.

Yesterday also signified another milestone for me. I saved up 75 emblems and purchased my hat, the last piece I needed for my ‘base’ set of gear. I am now sporting the robe, legs, gloves, shoulders that grant me my 4 piece set bonus, plus the hat. 50 emblems for the robe and pants, 35 emblems for the shoulders and gloves, and 75 emblems for the hat. Plus I own the wand, another 25 emblems there. To say I did a lot of dungeon runs this last week would probably be an understatement. I attuned it with a meta gem upping my crit chance and crit bonus, picked up an heirloom enchant from one of my (many) faction NPC’s in Dalaran, found a blue gem to use since I required one more for my meta gem bonus to work, and was set.

I also ended up winning a really nice belt from the heroic Pit of Saron, so I attached an eternal buckle on it (thank you Toargo!) for another gem. Now that I’m no longer at the bottom of the pile as far as gear goes (I’m brushing up on 4.6k gs, which is lower then raiders but higher then those who have just reached level 80) I’m not dying quite as easily. I have over 21,000 hp which is nice for a cloth wearer, and I’m quite pleased with my progress.

Speaking of – that pug pet inched me closer to my dream of owning 50 pets or companions as they’re called in WoW. I was at 48, and at 50 you unlock the “shop smart, shop pet… smart” achievement, and add another to the collection (a little pet skunk). I quested very quickly for a chicken egg, and then splurged and spent the rest of the gold I had on a pet. Silly? Of course, but it’s also totally me.

Next, I’ll have to work my way to owning 75 pets, for the final achievement. WoW may not have houses for me to decorate, or shinies for me to collect, but as someone commented previously, there ARE things for me to do – I just have to search for them.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

2 Responses to A Pug for my PUGs.

  1. Caladwen says:

    Congrats! Sounds like they do have some fun achievements. :)

  2. Entrails_770 says:

    Ahh I got the pug yesterday and he’s well amusing ;-)

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