Zul’Gurub (Before Cataclysm)

Cataclysm will be changing this right-now raid zone, from a 20 man instanced raid, to a subzone offering level 30-35 quests to players. Of course that meant that I wanted to obtain the raid achievement while I could, as well as the fishing one. I had never been to the zone before and even though it was well below my level (60’s or so) it was still difficult for one reason. Mobs that charm. There are two encounters in the zone where the boss charms, and when you’re duo’ing this as a warrior and priest with no means of breaking charm (not exactly the biggest pvper, no trinkets) and charm that happens quite frequently, it makes for an interesting encounter.

In the end what I had to do was switch to my shadow spec so that we could dps the final boss and beat him before berserking started. When charm would land on the tank (which it always did) I would shield myself, and then fear. If fear was down, I would disperse, which reduces the amount of damage I’d take. I would (at those times) be tanking both the boss as well as the 80 tank who was wailing on me. A quick few seconds of breath to re-apply my dots, as well as heal myself and the tank, then back to shielding, fearing, and dispersing.

This worked pretty well for the most part. As soon as the tank was charmed he’d stun me so I couldn’t do anything. Having DBM (deadly boss mod) was essential to this fight, I absolutely HAD to know when the tank was about to get charmed, so I could prepare myself with full heals and a shield.

There are two mounts that can drop in this raid. Of course, neither of them dropped. There’s also quite a few quests involving some faction, and I’m just shy of honored right now. It was a LOT of fun and I’m looking forward to trying my hand at a few other low level raid zones.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Whoa. Zul’Gurub was my favorite place ever back then. I miss it. :D

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