Coin Collector

Instead of battling creatures and working on gathering emblems, I spent most of yesterday with my fishing rod and bait, standing by the fountain in Dalaran. I was determined to catch the last few bronze and gold coins I needed in order to finish off my collections, and after raising my fishing to 437 and casting my line more times then I can count, I was rewarded. I finally finished the achievement for finishing all three coin collections, and received the item pictured above in the mail. It’s a neat little role play item that has you flipping a coin to either heads or tails. Useful? No, not really. It’s these little trinkets and achievements that make my character unique to me and a lot of fun to play.

That’s not to say I didn’t run any instances, I did. The warlock found herself in heroic Halls of Reflection, a place I’d never been to even on regular mode with the character. The group was great, and even though I died once on the initial wave encounter, we completed the zone without too many issues. I even won myself a nice ring – and it also granted me enough emblems to purchase a second ring. The warlock is coming along nicely, and I really enjoy the class a great deal.

I also ran through a few dungeons on the priest, working towards finishing her set of gear. She is sporting the gloves and pants, next is the robe. Then hat and shoulders which each take 75 emblems so I’m just really not looking forward to it. Thankfully with each piece of gear upgrade instances also become easier to heal, and the more I run the more I realize that people will die no matter what depending on the situation, and it certainly is not always my fault.

I hope everyone else has been having a great weekend too, no matter where you find yourself. Happy gaming!

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