I spent most of the weekend working on my priest, or my spriest as they’re called (Shadow Priest). I saved up enough emblems to purchase my hat – 75 emblems is a lot (for me at least) to save up. I’m now sporting the gloves/robe/pants to my heal set, the shoulders/gloves to my dps set, the meta gem hat and a few odds and ends. Working on two different sets at once is annoying (to say the least) and making sure that I’ve got the proper gems where they need to be is a huge drain on the pocket book. Surprisingly enough the priest does pretty good dps. I’m still below where I want to be, and I have to work at it (unlike the warlock) but I’m not always at the bottom any more. I imagine with more gear and as I inch closer to a 5k gs I’ll get better. Heals are also coming along easier. It’s odd for me to be playing a game where gear DOES make a huge difference.

There have been a few festivals in game lately and they’ve all been alright – but today (well, 3am) marked the beginning of Brewfest, which I am very excited about. Mostly because there are achievements for this festival, and also because I’ve only ever participated once before. I don’t drink in real life, but working on achievements is something I really enjoy doing to pass the time when I don’t feel like dungeon grinding.

Sorry for the lack of screen shot in this post, too! I haven’t been hitting the print screen button nearly as much as I should be. Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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