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It’s that time again – Brewfest!

Achievements I earned yesterday included:

  • Down with the dark iron
  • The brewfest diet
  • Strange brew
  • Have Keg, will travel
  • Drunken stupor
  • Direbrewfest
  • Green Brewfest stein

My little spriest is doing quite well. I’ve hit 4.7k gs and managed to get a few upgrades yesterday including a new robe, belt, shoes, and trinket. Against raid geared players I’m still at the bottom of the parse (some times) but I can more than hold my own and in group encounters do incredibly well. Knowing my spell rotation has helped a very large amount, and I picked up the AddOn “MFClip” which basically just has a list of timers of your spells on the mob so that you don’t ‘clip’ your dots short – what this means is that some times your dots build up and have a final burst of damage. If you refresh the dot before it’s expired you’re cutting off some of your dps hence the whole clipping. With the timers on display I know exactly when the spells are going to run out, and can refresh much easier.

Right now my spell rotation includes:

Vampiric Touch -> Devouring Plague (although a lot of mobs in Wrath are immune to this and it annoys me since it’s one of my larger dots) -> Mind Blast -> Mind Flay (x2 if I haven’t built up my 5 ranks yet) -> Shadow word: Pain (VERY important not to cast this until you have built up your five ranks!) then I rotate between Vampiric Touch (when it needs to be refreshed), Devouring Plague (again when it needs to be refreshed), Mind Blast, and Mind Flay is the filler when MB is down and the two dots don’t need refreshing.

As far as gems go, for raids you need hit rating, then I work on spell power -> haste -> crit -> spirit -> int -> stam

I’d like to partake in a few raids, either as healer or dps (I can do both) and I’m excited about inching my way closer to the 5k gs mark. We’ll just have to see how that goes. If you’re on Firetree be sure to say hello to Faydai – or you can add me to realID (just email me at [email protected]). Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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