References and Betas

The screen shot above shows a reference to the TV show “Lost” (the numbers are all one off from the numbers in the show). Had I not actually just finished watching all 6 seasons recently, I would have no idea what this little buried hatch in the ground represented. While some people may not like these intrusions in the game, I actually enjoy them quite a bit. They may not fit in with the lore of the game, but they’re little things that make me giggle and remind me of life outside the game (how odd is that).

With Cataclysm creeping closer and closer, I decided to delve into the beta a bit more. Not because I want to know everything there is to know about the new zones or races but because I want to know what changes are coming to my own characters. Knowing what talents are going to be moved around is important to me, especially if it affects the way I currently play my characters. You can expect a few beta posts over the next little while, hopefully no one minds (granted, this is my site, so if people DO mind there’s not a heck of a lot I’ll be doing about it).

Brewfest has been quite fun. My healer won a trinket that was actually an upgrade for the heal spec. Last night in Pit I won a 2h weapon that was a massive upgrade over what I was wearing, and my gs is resting close to 4.9k It was also a day for absolutely horrible groups, and I’m coming to hate the death knight class – but also appreciate good players. It seems like this week has brought about death knights who can not parse more then 1k – and while I can appreciate a new player, if you’re queued up for heroic Halls of Reflection, that is just not going to cut it. Then there was the two DK’s in Pit, and the DK in, well, pretty much every other zone. I’ve seen how this class plays when it’s played well (and they can be quite amazing) but this week has really been groups of pure suck.

Ah well, that’s the joys of the LFD tool.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

1 Response to References and Betas

  1. Dril says:

    Heh, DKs are a broken class now anyway, and from 4.0 onwards will be forever. Needless to say, I’m somewhat vexed that Blizzard, with their bountiful revenue, couldn’t be arsed to try and make multiple-tank specs work.

    I’m actually seriously considering not buying Cata; the healing changes are simply too much, too generic and too “forcing every class into one rather than moulding healing to fit a class” style of thing. But yeah, we’ll see how 4.0 goes; if healing (and tanking, although I only really want to tank with a DK but that’s been ruined now) get a first class degree in being awful then it’ll be time for me to pack WoW away for good and focus on upcoming MMOs and LOTRO instead :/

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