A Learning Experience

Sholazar Basin, pictured above. One of my favorite zones from Wrath. I’ve spent a little time over the past two days questing here to earn some easy money (alts are expensive, and gems even more so). The priest has managed to climb her way to a 5k gs and just shy of 5k in her discipline gear. Healing is much easier now though I still have to be on the look for things like – the tank taking off and pulling everything in sight before I’m even in the zone and buffed.

I’ve learned a good number of things leveling up. I can appreciate good players. Players who (for example) ask before they mount up in The Oculus if it’s alright to ride a certain dragon mount for their achievement (that’s right, I’m looking at you mage who grabbed the healer mount without saying a word). Death Knights who don’t decide to randomly pop their army on an encounter that has a mob spitting at everyone it faces (those army zombies are incredibly annoying, flipping mobs every which way). I’d like to say that I’m learning a little more patience, but I’m not sure if that’s really true. I no longer fear pick up groups like I once had and that’s always a welcome change.

With both my warlock and priest sitting at level 80 with ok gear I’m contemplating who (if anyone) to work up next. I enjoy the process of leveling, and there isn’t such a dire need for my ‘mains’ to grind out dungeons any more aside from my dailies for frost tokens. My characters are:

  • 80 Priest(Shadow/Discipline)
  • 80 Warlock(Destruction/Demonology)
  • 70 Shaman(Restoration/Elemental)
  • 68 Death Knight
  • 38 Druid
  • 20 Rogue
  • 18 Paladin

Both the paladin and the rogue are a lot of fun to play, but I’ve also been wondering if I should experience the alliance side of things before it all changes with Cataclysm. With the expansion looming close in the distance there’s really no great need to grind out gear to be the best of the best right now. Then of course comes the decision of what to play on the alliance side, and where.

Ah, choices!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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