Weekend Adventures

Yesterday was a pretty good day game wise. My Spriest picked up a dps trinket from Heroic Pit, and also managed to snag a main hand weapon from the first named, allowing me to finally use the off hand from Halls of Reflection for both my heal and DPS spec. During the instance, the healer (a druid) decided they would leave. When the healer in my group leaves I always switch my talents and queue as the healer – I know I can heal every zone just fine. We finished the instance without incident. I also healed Halls of Reflection (heroic) twice. I was looking for the healer trinket from the second boss, but it hasn’t dropped yet. One of these days I’ll get it. Both instances went just fine.

I really enjoy having both a heal spec and a dps spec. Afterward Toargo and myself completed a few older dungeons. Magister’s Terrace (heroic) for an attempt at the mount (which still has not dropped for us) and Netherstorm instances so that I can work my faction and finally be able to complete those on heroic. Even though I’ve out leveled the zones, I enjoy working on the achievements.

I’m still working on collection the 200 brewfest tokens I need. I absolutely hate the ram repeatable that sends you into the city to act as a crier so I tend to stick with the two that I know I can do, the Dwarven one (although my server has been losing the battle these days) and the repeatable ram one that doesn’t have a blue ? over the NPC’s head so it’s hard to tell that it’s there. Also no mount yet in my brewfest bag that I do daily but I’ll keep trying.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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